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Topic: Membership Renewal
Message: Posted by: Rodney Palmer (Apr 24, 2007 05:11PM)
To All IBM Members in GOOD Standing, remember you only have a few days left to renew your membership at the old rate of $ 40.00. May 1, 2007 DUES go up.
Renew today, you will be glad you did. I did renew my membership today.

Message: Posted by: mrunge (Apr 25, 2007 09:35AM)
Thanks, Rodney, for the reminder.

Always helps to save some money where I can. Now I have a little more to spend on more magic!

Message: Posted by: Rodney Palmer (Apr 26, 2007 11:05AM)
FYI, only 4-days left to renew before it goes up.
Message: Posted by: J.Robert (Apr 26, 2007 11:24AM)
What are they going up to? My membership doesn't expire until November, would it still be worth it for me to renew now?
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Apr 26, 2007 12:22PM)
It's going from $40 to $50 a year on May 1st.