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Topic: my post removed...why?
Message: Posted by: The Stooge (Feb 4, 2002 05:21PM)

Why was my post removed? I am sorry that I am only 15 and you may think this was a joke but it was not.

I was told this was a fun place, but now, I am not having fun. That is ok, I won't post here anymore. I will find another place to share my ideas with.

Thank you for having me.. goodbye
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Feb 4, 2002 05:37PM)
Hi, I don't know why your post was removed, but I'm sure that whoever removed it will be sending you a private message with an explanation. I am certain, however, that your post wasn't deleted because you're 15. We have many teenaged members here, and we welcome them.

I can't really comment on why your post was removed, as I didn't see it.

:patty: Mary B.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 5, 2002 02:42AM)
I deleted the entire topic. I sent you two emails explaining why. I also deleted your copy of this same post in the Table Magic and Strolling Forum, as you had it there as well, and these kinds of problems should preferably be addressed by PM or email, or, if necessary, here--but not in the magic forums.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Feb 6, 2002 01:07AM)
I also addressed this issue via email.
Enough said. :smoke: