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Topic: "Pinched" coming soon
Message: Posted by: themagicofjoseph (Apr 26, 2007 06:53PM)
Hey all,
I have created a new effect to be released this summer and will be advertizes in the June issue of Street Magic Magazine from Blacksmagicgroup.com
Created about 9 mos ago and used extensively in my closeup gigs and reactions are great. Here's the skinny. This is a "Metal MELTING" effect where a aluminum roof nail is handed out for inspection then placed between their fingers. They pinch it as you do your patter and when they open their fingers there are DEEP impressions in the nail where their finger were and it looks like the metal has been melted and pinched almost flat! There are a number of presentations that will be on the DVD, you can even mark the head with a sharpie before putting it between their fingers.
I have been doing magic for about 40 years and the past 10 as a professional closeup magician and I wanted to give something back to magic as it has been great for me.
A responce I recieved back when I submitted it was, there has never been a metal melting effect like this before and I received excellent feed back. Check out Blacksmagicgroup.com for details. James Clark is a real good guy and I'm looking forward to doing the DVD for them. Thanks for checking this out. As always, practice, practice, practice. Develope good crowd control and misdirection. If you know how to handle a crowd, you can do this.