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Topic: A Nearly Normal Look at Pickles
Message: Posted by: harris (May 14, 2007 12:56PM)
From recent post on what do with pickles..
Grandpa said juggle them...good idea.

1. Coin in Pickle
2. Olive in Pickle
3. Penny to Nickle then ask spectator to say a word that rhymes with pickle...
(if they say sickle...(you are in for one ...pickle that is)
4. Scarf vanish and appears in pickle
5. Vanish and appear in Zuchinni
6. Hollow out as use as T.T.
7. I've never seen a pickle as pretty as a tree....(with apologies to O.Nash??)


your entry here....

Once a pickle never a cucumber...

Message: Posted by: Lyndel (May 14, 2007 02:21PM)
Multiplying pickles by Dan Garrett

Message: Posted by: chris mcbrien (May 14, 2007 03:39PM)
Say you hate pickles and they keep appearing througout your show....
I personally think pickled eggs are funnier....and more disgusting...who actually eats those things? Are they...ummm...good?
(just imagining tasting one makes me want to hurl!)
Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (May 14, 2007 03:58PM)
I EAT THOSE THINGS! Every time I finish a jar of dill pickles, I boil some eggs and throw them in the jar with the juice and let them sit for about 3-4 weeks. Mmmmm, good.

Oh, excuse me, I thought I was blogging on the Marth Stewart website. Sorry!
Message: Posted by: Tim Hannig (May 14, 2007 04:26PM)
Here's a routine on the "card in pickle"....a VERY funny routine with great patter that uses the letter "p" over and over.
Message: Posted by: drhackenbush (May 14, 2007 09:37PM)
But if you take cranberries and boil them like applesauce, they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.
Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (May 14, 2007 09:56PM)
Buy one of those dill pickles that's packaged separately. Offer each helper a choice between a delicious garlic dill pickle and a balloon animal or whatever you use for helper giveaways.

Keep trying to make each helper choose the pickle, which they never will. "you'd rather have a pickle than a (whatever) wouldn't you?" Look disappointed each time because you can't get rid of the pickle.

Pickles, like bananas, are inherently funny!
Message: Posted by: drhackenbush (May 14, 2007 11:30PM)
Ah, the ole' Pickle In A Pouch gambit... I'm actually working on a pickle illusion. I've gotten more mileage with the preschoolers out of sponge bananas & pickles than most of my other tricks put together. Those and the Wonder Mouse. And since I'm going to be in the Lower East Side tomorrow, I'm going to get my two quarts of half-sours because, well, isn't that what New York City is all about? None of those cukes doused in vinegar, gimmee the REAL pickles! Brine all the way!
Message: Posted by: harris (May 15, 2007 08:11AM)
Pickles in a finger Guillitine(sic)

Thanks for the fun responses....

"We" love the Café.

I think there is a country song to be written on this....

Pickle instead of a thimble with my nearly normal wash board...


Look at them pickle lovers
Aren't they neat
Some like garlic and some like sweet
How to be a pickle lover
ain't nothin to it
Just get a gerkin and go right to it..

With apologies to ________
(no prize to first who identifies the author who inspired the above...
nearly normal hint...Garlic Pickles give me "Classical Gas"

Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (May 15, 2007 09:26AM)
Pickles are just funny. Even the word "pickles" is funny. Bananas are also funny particularly if you elongate the word like the brilliant comedian Eddie Izzard does in his show when talking about teaching chimps to speak using sign language.

Pickles are funny because they are green (a very funny color), bumpy (bumps are always funny!), and the work "pickles" has that lovely "pee" sound followed by the hard k sound. Oh, the georgeous and comedic pickle. The only thing funnier than a pickle would be a giant pickle.

Think of a giant paper mache pickle used in a zombie routine. Oh the hi-jinks that would ensue! :)

One of my favorite gags that I have ever seen is the electrocuted glowing pickle that I saw Penn and Teller perform. There is nothing like a glow in the dark pickle, unless of course it was a GIANT glow in the dark pickle! :)

Now if you could just get a monkey in a fez to eat a glow in the dark, giant pickle, the world my friends would be your oyster! :)


Message: Posted by: harris (Jun 20, 2007 04:19PM)
The "P" routine reminds me of a routine by Johnny Carson and Jack Web.

Seems like they used "C"???

Message: Posted by: clownybeth (Mar 29, 2011 11:06AM)
This thread is a gold mine for me, since my clown names is...PICKLES. I perform "Peanut Butter & Pickles" instead of "Peanut Butter & Jelly." I'm still trying to figure out some way to incorporate my yodeling pickle into my show.
Message: Posted by: Wes Holly (Mar 29, 2011 12:12PM)
"I don't want a pickle ..." - Arlo Guthrie
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 29, 2011 12:29PM)
I just want to ride on my Motor-"Sickle". A.G.

Glad to see this thread activated.

I think Pickles was the name of Buddies girlfriend. (on the Dick Van Dyke show)

Pickles and Peanut butter is funny.

Giving birth to new ideas is fun.

Is the yodeling pickle a puppet, or one of those sound activated things like the singing fish?

I thought of learning yodeling for a vent routine, but haven't put much time into it.

having a "nearly normal" day
Message: Posted by: clownybeth (Mar 29, 2011 11:09PM)
The yodeling pickle is just a little plastic ones. He's funny but too small to use on a stage. Maybe I could incorporate it into a birthday party routine. Hmmm. Right now he is not yodeling -- just stuttering. I think he needs new batteries.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Mar 30, 2011 02:30PM)
On 2007-05-14 16:39, chris mcbrien wrote:
Say you hate pickles and they keep appearing througout your show....
I personally think pickled eggs are funnier....and more disgusting...who actually eats those things? Are they...ummm...good?
(just imagining tasting one makes me want to hurl!)
That reminds me of the bar scene in the movie "The Ladies Man". That was some great gross-out comedy!