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Topic: Rich Areas=big spenders? Not Always
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 28, 2003 05:15AM)
My relatives think we lead a life of luxury ripping off the parents of rich kids! Living in an area like North Cheshire, England has it's advantages, i.e. it's relatively easy to become a $ property (real estate) millionaire, and even a millionaire for some (don't ask!). I am sure guys around London, and across the pond around the sunshine States also find the same. But those cheap calls are still in abundance. People who think they are going to start haggling over 95 for an entertainer to cover a two-hour party. (Once we sense the 'haggle' starting we quickly get rid of them). A lot of these this month have just received their Christmas credit card bills and think they will save a bit on entertainment; or send their kids to private (independant paying) Schools and have just been notified of term fee increases. If it were a Summer party they'd probably never even phone an entertainer, but just throw them out in the garden with a 25 bouncy castle! But yet they will still fly off to the States or Spain or Greece two or three times a year and deliver their kids to parties in a 28k. Landrover with worn our party clothes on! Thus I think the lesson here is, wherever you live, - don't chase the so-called rich for business deliberately, - go for Mr and Mrs Average who lead a level headed well budgeted life, and they'll (hopefully) never let you down.
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Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Jan 28, 2003 05:46AM)
People who think they are going to start haggling over 95 for an entertainer to cover a two-hour party.

Hi Ace,
I very rearley get a haggler, less than 1 a year. Obviously I do have people that think I am to expensive and sometimes they will say "oh well that's a bit more than I can afford" but they don't haggle for a lower price they just don't book me!
though sometimes they ring back later for whatever reason and book me all the same.
Message: Posted by: ClodAppleleft (Jan 28, 2003 08:54AM)
When dealing with rich people, you have two types.

Type 1) Really cheap and will do everything they can to pay the least amount for something, and they LOVE to haggle.

Type 1 rich people see to be the majority. Set your price, don't falter. Eventually, they will either cave, or go for someone else that will haggle. You go in, do your job, and leave. Just getting a call from them is usually a big step. Reason being is that they have asked around from their other rich friends, and you come recommended, but they still want you at the bottom price, how else can they remain rich?

Type 2) Really generous and understand that even though they are well off, not everyone is, and likes to give back to others in general. Will usually pay the asked for price, and will then tip big if you deliver the goods.

I've dealt with both types in my magic excursions, and in other excursions. Type 2 rich people are great people to work for and with, but they are very difficult to find, because there are few of them. In the end, if you find one, they not only make good employers, and business partners, but also great friends.

Jeff Hirsch aka Clod Appleleft
Message: Posted by: Emazdad (Jan 28, 2003 12:47PM)
I'm like Phillip, I very rarely get a haggler and when I do I don't haggle. If they don't like it they can go elsewhere, I'm noty bothered as I know anthoer booker will phone for that slot. Sometimes they'll say "OK how much for cash?" to which I answer, "I only ever except cash" (I don't I also except cheques with a valid cheque card.)

If they do come back and book me, As a bit of protection I have a clause in the contract I send out that says:-
payment is to be made on my arrival before the start of the show.

The haggler might think he's in a strong position after the show to try once again to haggle the price down. I don't insist on it unless I go to a venue and decide the bookers a tad dodgy and it's safer to get paid before I start.

I put the clause there after I got ripped off by a guy, who after the show, said how good it was, asked for extra business cards to pass out at his work, didn't have the cash, but paid by cheque, but didn't have his cheque card on him. I had to accept the cheque, I paid it in on the Monday, he went into his bank and stopped it. I found out from the police afterwards that he is well known for doing this, he buy's stuff, the when he gets home damages it, so he can take it back and get money back etc. After that I Put the pay up front clause on my contract.

At the time I was inexperienced in dealing with things like that, and was not a member of equity so I wrote it off, now I'm a member of Equity, if anyone tries to rip me off, I equity sorts it out.

Is it just me who gets bigger tips off mr average than I do off mister rich?
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Jan 28, 2003 01:03PM)
HI Emazdad,
funny how area's vary, I have never asked for a cheque card with a cheque if fact if people ask I say no no need. I have never had one that bounced yet, never even had to re-present one.
Message: Posted by: Andy Wonder (Jan 28, 2003 01:57PM)
I find Mr & Mrs Average are much more likely to tip than the rich people. I receive tips quite often & they almost exclusivly come from Mr & Mrs Average or the even the poorer areas.

I somtimes get a haggler & I offer them a lower price if they rescheduale their party for a Monday. This usually stops them because that are not prepared to hold their party on a Monday.

I once had a single Mum who worked as a stripper try to bargin with me. She wanted to barter & offered to do a private show for me as payment.
Message: Posted by: Jewls (Jan 28, 2003 02:21PM)
I have had two bad checks in fifteen years, both were resubmitted with no luck so I followed legal procedure and after the first step I was paid promptly.I never ask for their drivers license. If it's bad I will deal with it. Just call the police station in your area and they can tell you how. As far as tips, I never know they come from all different life styles.
Here in the States the better the stock market the better the tips. Lately things have been slower. Tips are less.
Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Jan 28, 2003 03:39PM)
I never get hagglers either, I think I've only had one in the last couple of years that I can think off. The guy Emazdad mentioned booked me for a show towards the end of last year. I had to ask hime Five times for the payment at the start of the show. Eventually, when it was time to start, I had all the kids sat down ready to start the Magic Show, went up to him and said I was going to pack up now and go unless he paid me CASH. He did, and the show went ahead. He certainly won't be getting me back again this year.
All the best, Billy
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 28, 2003 04:36PM)
Good replies. We must lead a charmed life as even though we get a few on the phone saying: "is that your best price" etc. we have only ever had two real rubber cheques/checks. Both were recovered over the course of time. Another one that bounced first application was from a hotel owning family who also had a string of racehorses. We send out a 'straight as the garden gate' contract giving all our do's and don'ts and take a deposit equal to 15% of the fee (to be deducted). (At least this would cover travel costs.) We take cheques without a card like Phillip, and yes Phil, some do come back and book in a humble manner don't they? Most of our customers are medical/banking/law/police types, so dead reliable. I think the secret is to 'sus.' them out on the phone and get rid. :coffee:

On a related subject we also state that we would never sign 'gagging clauses' (as we believe them to be humiliating). We live about a mile from Posh 'n Becks (to non UK visitors the England soccer captain and his popstar wife), and lots of other weirdies and wonderfullies from sport and media. Believe me, some of these I would avoid at all costs! Others have been delightful.
Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Jan 28, 2003 04:46PM)
How do you all get paid? Do you ask for the payment at the start of the show or wait till you've finished, or in advance? My contract is the same as Emazdad's which states payment is to be made before the commencement of the show. Allthough, I don't normally ask for it unless I'm in a dodgy area or the client looks dodgy.

All the best, Billy
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Jan 28, 2003 04:55PM)
Just say "payment on the day, no accounts can be sent" Billy. Some pay up front, others at the end.

Jewls makes a good point about falling Stock Market. Maybe someone would like to start a thread on effects on business under Iraqi war and falling stocks.

Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Jan 29, 2003 02:09AM)
I normally get paid on the day and I prefer after the show as I price ending in 3 and 7 so I normally get tipped up. moslty to the nearest 5 or 10, often though you get a 15.00 tip and it's suprising how many times they up 17.00 or more.

Most of my corporate clients are on invoice so that's usually 30 days, Mind you often I ask them if they can pay BACS and then I get it in about 14 days. I am not worried though if they take 30 I like to get paid of course, but I am not desperate.