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Topic: For all Ripper owners only (No response wanted)
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 4, 2007 09:25PM)
Just a note to reach all I can. No need to post a response or add any ideas. (PM or eMail those please).
Naturally as with anything new things develope as experimentation continues and something very positive has come up. With the last batch of sets, I have included a little note as to the small Snack Bags that I ship the 'parts' in. It struck me that this should be the way the 'parts' are presented and some tests both here and subsequently in the field by other performers has proved this out. If you already tossed the bags get more. People who might be reluctant to handle a Dead Toe or Ear will gingerly acept it if in a little plastic bag. These are not sandwich bags if you remember they are smaller and sold as Snack Bags (Zip Lock type only!) Of course he Eye Ball in the jar is not to be in a bag. Try this and you will see an improvement in the reaction (not that it needs one) and the 'parts look even more realistic when handled in the bags. Something about the bags that adds to the 'Ewww' factor.