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Topic: Using a shell...
Message: Posted by: TKE (Jun 11, 2007 02:59PM)
Ok so ive been holding off on using any sort of shell/gaff coin for a longgg time. besides starting out with a S&S I always stayed away from gaffed coins after learning great routines using standard halves and copper coinns, jumbo coins etc.

what are some of the strongest things to do with just one shell. I want to start using one since ive come across a lot of powerful routines I see they can really enhance your coin work.

ive heard the troy hooser dvds offer some good stuff. also the roth sets are good?

anywhere I can see demos? I just want to see what I'm getting myself into although I'm sure its only good stuff.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Jun 11, 2007 03:11PM)
Have a look at my SENCILLOS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOwExcbYL74

its available in Vinny "The Godfather" Marini's site.

PM me if ou don't know his website.

Also have a look at OTH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmzDuZu4cw4

Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Jun 11, 2007 03:12PM)
I highly recommend the Hooser dvds. Also, though I do not own it, the Worlds Greatest Magic series has a Shell volume, and it is supposed to be very good. Having a shell really opens the doors to some cool stuff in coin magic - definitely work looking into.
Message: Posted by: Bill Citino (Jun 11, 2007 04:23PM)
There's soooooo much you can do with just one shell it's sickening lol.

Check out:
-The fine DVDs mentioned above.
-Corey Burke's Payphone DVD.
-Doug Brewer's Unexpected Visitor Vol 1 & 2 DVDs.
-Chris Korn's Radical and Extreme Korn DVDs has some really cool stuff on them.
-New Modern Coin Magic book has a whole chapter on the topic.
-Roth's Expert Coin Magic book.
-Kaufman's Coinmagic book.
-David Regal's Close-up and Personal book.

They're just some of the sources off the top of my head and after very briefly glancing at my magic books and dvds. There's plenty more out there. I have some stuff using a shell in my upcoming book soon to be released. But definitely take a look at what has been listed for some really cool stuff!

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jun 11, 2007 04:46PM)
I have a few routines using a shell or shells:

Flying Turtles (coins across)

North American Jumping Coins
(2 silver coins & one copper coin across)

Many Happy Returns
(one half instantly multiplies to 3, then an instantaneous appearance of a quarter and a dime, then the disappearance of everything but one half, which finally explodes into a jumbo half)

Shelled, Folded & Hooked
(My take on Ramsay's "Hanging Coins")

(A half dollar appears, vanishes, reappears, penetrates the table, turns into a
foreign copper coin and back to a half dollar before vanishing to whence it came)

PM me if you're interested in any of these.
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Jun 11, 2007 04:47PM)
Get CoinOne by Homer Liwag!!!
Message: Posted by: Corey Harris (Jun 11, 2007 05:41PM)
Dean Dill has some great work using shells as well. Don't forget about John Kennedy's "Trans-location"
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Jun 11, 2007 06:03PM)
There is a DVD about Expanded Shells by L7L Publishing. There is also a few tricks in Modern Coin Magic.
Message: Posted by: andrelimantara (Jun 11, 2007 10:48PM)
Pretty much have already metioned above

Just pick one and start doing it :)

Message: Posted by: TKE (Jun 12, 2007 09:37AM)
Thanks guy...

think I'm gonna go with the hooser set and the worlds greatest magic dvd..for now...then eventually roth.
Message: Posted by: C-Taylor (Jun 12, 2007 12:48PM)
Shells IMO are one of the coin workers best kept secrets. The new york coin guys stuff is worth checking out also.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jun 12, 2007 02:27PM)
On 2007-06-12 13:48, Stacked wrote:
Shells IMO are one of the coin workers best kept secrets. ...[/quote]


Um... the secrets would be the items that aren't even going to be in books or given only in private in-person or via some very short mailing lists.

Now about shells...

Gee, why stop at one? Thinking conjurers were using double shells (nests of three) back in the 1970s and then someone found a way to really expand one and get a nest of four. Dean Dill is selling four-nests and you can go from there. Consider how easy a coin assembly can be when all you have to do is pick up some loose coins under cover and slowly un-nest a set.

Really... why settle for one wheel when you can roll along with three or four?

Now that PK rings are so easily available (as opposed to when you had to use a bandaid) you may as well get your shells shimmed while you are at it.

Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Jun 12, 2007 03:48PM)
I have A ton of stuff useing a shell! :) It' my best gaff! If you are interested P.M. me or see My web site! Thanks!
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Jun 12, 2007 07:01PM)
On 2007-06-11 19:03, THEGUY26 wrote:
There is a DVD about Expanded Shells by L7L Publishing. There is also a few tricks in Modern Coin Magic.

Oh, sorry, I meant to say L&L. I wish the edit button would always be there...
Message: Posted by: DP the Great (Jun 13, 2007 02:31PM)
Yea, I bought a Johnson half dollar a while ago, and I went crazy over it! I did not expect myself to become addicted to it. The Johnson quality is alright, the face looks realistic enough, its just that it doesn't fit very well on all my halfs. I plan to get a Lassen set soon. But yea, Shells all the Way! -D. P. the Great
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Jun 13, 2007 03:26PM)
You should also put some shimming material inside the shell.
Message: Posted by: i_am_fish (Jun 18, 2007 11:08AM)
Dean Dill has a fantastic Coins Thru Table with a shell- I suggest buying Extreme Dean V. 1 and 2. Really good tricks with and without shells.
Message: Posted by: tony2514 (Jun 18, 2007 11:22AM)
All of the above.

What about doing a Raven or bat type disappearance or transposition using a shell and a PK ring?