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Topic: Can this be seen online?
Message: Posted by: enginemagic (Jun 13, 2007 08:17PM)
Sounds interesting to watch
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Jun 13, 2007 08:39PM)
You can see the trailers...we're not sure if we will ever offer it as a download.

Feel free to check out the trailers though...
Message: Posted by: Magic_Steve (Jul 12, 2007 09:33PM)
I would love it if they offered it as a download. That'd be awesome! :)
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Jul 12, 2007 10:22PM)
Were talking about that possiblilty...BUT we have other issues...we aren't happy with the authoring at this point and we are adding several new columns to the show....so its first thing first...then theres the question of when to go high def....all of these issues are concerns...

our goal is to be as professional as possible...to have something that every magician finds value beyond the $10

look for improvements in every issue....we are hyper critical
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jul 14, 2007 12:21PM)
Great work on this DVD Kozmo.
A great bargain too!!!
Message: Posted by: Motor City (Jul 21, 2007 01:06PM)
On 2007-07-14 13:21, Frank Starsini wrote:
Great work on this DVD Kozmo.
A great bargain too!!!


Kozmo rocks! What a steal at ten bucks!