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Topic: Jerks. . .
Message: Posted by: JustinCredible28 (Jun 15, 2007 06:15PM)
Some people make me sick-- This happened last year (2 weeks before Christmas) -- but I still think about it now & again. At the bar where I bartend, I sometimes would bring my backpack full of Magic/Mentalism books in to read on slow nights. On this particular night, I got up for a second to get someone a drink, and when I came back to my spot, my backpack full of [b]everything[/b] was gone!!! (My own fault . . . I know--)

I had [b]so[/b] many good books (which I’ve since replaced-- three out of the 9 were autographed even) I also had my notebook which contained my various scripts for my shows, as well as my own ideas (which I’ve since re-written). Even more so than the books, the notebook being gone was the one that really upset me most-- you can’t exactly replace that kind of time and work. Not to mention, these things were probably of completely [b]no[/b] use whatsoever to whomever stole it, and was probably just tossed out onto the freeway somewhere after realizing that there wasn’t any jewelry, or electronics, etc. in the backpack.

One other thing that I think was more, or less irreplaceable was “20 Stunners” Lecture Notes by Larry Becker, that was autographed. This remains the only un-replaced item, as I [b]never[/b] even see this one on eBay, or elsewhere-- what a shame (any ideas?). Anyways, I didn’t write this to be a downer, or anything, but I was just thinking about it, because I was searching online for these lecture notes again today (to no avail), and I got to wondering, if anybody else on here has lost any of their beloved “magical” treasures, and can relate to my story?

P.S.-- Those Jerks will get theirs in the end, haha. ;)
Message: Posted by: salsa_dancer (Jun 15, 2007 06:25PM)
I spent my coin unique once. Totally my fault as well.
Message: Posted by: Jordan Waller (Jun 15, 2007 07:36PM)
Once left my notebook on a train, pretty stressful. Though on the plus side I found that having to rewrite the thing made me more creative and add extra stuff that I'd never thought of before.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Jun 15, 2007 11:22PM)
Yes, many moons ago, I walked off leaving a whole case of props at a show site, was a couple of days later before I noticed it, of course it was gone. Purely my own fault. After that always use a check list for both loading to go to the show and loading to return from it. Live and learn.
Definition of a jerk, anyone going faster or slower than you on the freeway. Yes, there are a lot of jerks, lol.
Message: Posted by: Looch (Jun 16, 2007 03:38AM)
You also gotta feel for the lad whos girl sold his MOABT at a church jumble sale
Message: Posted by: Smoking Camel (Jun 16, 2007 11:49AM)
On 2007-06-16 04:38, looch wrote:
You also gotta feel for the lad whos girl sold his MOABT at a church jumble sale

If only she handn't.......
Message: Posted by: phil in KC (Jun 16, 2007 03:34PM)
I started in magic as a teenager. I had a couple of boxes worth of magic books, including all of Tarbell and some other gems, when I graduated from college. Rather than going to work I went overseas for the next six months, and left my "stuff" in a friend's basement. Wouldn't you know, my friend moved, and had no idea where the boxes went. It was my own fault, really, and I sure do feel the loss. I've moved into mentalism, but my daughter is a magician, and I wish I had those books to pass on to her. Not to mention that there's plenty of that "stuff" that I could still use. Oh well...

-Phil in KC
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Jun 16, 2007 04:43PM)
I lost my mind once had nothing to read for ages..
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Jun 16, 2007 05:43PM)
About 18 months ago, I had a break-in while I was away and they took the dvd collections, which had my magic dvd's and my books, not to worry I thought as I back everything up onto my external hard drive which is hidden behind my desk in my study... well they were fairly smart as they traced the wires ( I use to use a laptop, so it was with me ) behind the deck and nicked the hard drive as well.

What sickens me the most is that I am sure there was no value in it for them, and probably just threw the magic stuff away, and wiped the hard drive.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Jun 16, 2007 06:54PM)
Years ago, I was in the middle of a break up. I had kept all of my magic & mentalism books, props & videos in the garage, I was making daily trips to get my stuff out of the garage. I went to get some of my stuff after having been there the previous day to get a load.

I unlocked the garage & went in to find that someone had went through everything in there & had poured sand, bubble solution, perfume, cologne, hand lotion, & anything liquid they could find all over everything. They had also spray painted all over everything.

Most of everything was destroyed, I figure it was my ex's new boyfriend or it was her kids who constantly stole props or broke them.

Regardless of who it was, jerk is a very polite way to describe the person who did this!

Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jun 16, 2007 07:09PM)
I truly believe in Karma.It will not bring your material back Mike...but bad individual's like this will eventually have to account for their behavior/or suffer a similar loss.

Message: Posted by: asanghi (Jun 16, 2007 10:33PM)
I lost all my scripts from the last dozen years when my computer crashed. I thought I had a back up but did not! Fortunately I had an old printout and got at least half of them back. Sigh...
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Jun 16, 2007 10:41PM)
I lost several nearly completed books, many effects, much research, and over 20 essays do to the same problem. :(
Message: Posted by: JustinCredible28 (Jun 17, 2007 06:24AM)
Good ol' technology, huh!
Message: Posted by: Daegs (Jun 17, 2007 06:31AM)
On 2007-06-17 07:24, JustinCredible28 wrote:
Good ol' technology, huh!

How about Good ol' *backup* technology. Anyone promoting technology should also be promoting diligent backups, both on-site and off-site(simple as leaving a harddrive at a friends or bank box)

Losing data to corruption and/or hardware failure is a very big risk that is well known which is why so much out there to help back up your data.
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Jun 17, 2007 09:56AM)
Yes, I had 2 backups, one was in the drive when the PC fried, the other was in another location, but it turns out the drive that wrote it was the only one that could properly read it. I had errors in every other CDRW drive I put it in (possibly due to the backup software and it's compression).

I'm now backing files up in 3 locations.
Message: Posted by: Sleeveless (Jun 18, 2007 01:13AM)
Many, many years ago I was living a nomadic and mystic life. I worked as a street performer and held various odd jobs to support my studies. My van was my home and it held most of my worldly possessions. One day someone opened a window on my home. He, I assume it was a he, reached into my van and took all that could be easily reached - a copy of 'The Way of the Shaman, a kerosene lamp, and a travel alarm clock. Although I still miss those items I was amazed at at the coincidence that those would be the three items taken - a spiritual path, a light, and time to go. I comforted myself thinking that perhaps the thief was responding to a higher power and it was beyond his control to act as he did.
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Jun 18, 2007 03:08PM)
These are some pretty madening stories. Luckily, I have had nothing lost, stolen, or misplaced except a few ungimmicked half dollars at the restaurant. It's pretty sad that some people steal just for the sake of stealing. Why in the world would somebody steal a bookbag filled with books? (Hey, I just realized what bookbags are used for now!)
Message: Posted by: DerekMerdinyan (Jun 18, 2007 06:28PM)
Hey Justin, which bar do you work at?

Derek Merdinyan
Message: Posted by: JustinCredible28 (Jun 18, 2007 07:24PM)
Hey Derek! Nice to meet you :) I am currently bartending at Club BC's in Mill Creek-- the bar where this incident happened at was at (the now closed down) The Pine Cone Café in Lynnwood. What area are you in?

Message: Posted by: Trinket (Jun 18, 2007 07:59PM)
Today, Monday, the boyfriend and myself decided to take the day off together and go to a local swimming hole. I had been gigging all weekend and had burned a lot of road and needed a mental break. We had a beautiful day swimming and sunning our melanin-impared skin. Relaxed and refreshed we went back to the car to find some kid dragging his fingers through the dust on my car.... "Wash me b**** please" it said. I stood there gape mouthed for a sec before I started in with "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???!!!!" He went white, muttered he was sorry and ran like heck. He's lucky I had an arm load of towels and sandwich stuff. GRRRR!!!
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Jun 19, 2007 10:57AM)
Ha, gotta love those mischeivious kids.
It would have been funny if it weren't for the profanity.
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Jun 19, 2007 11:00PM)
A buddy of mine had a window smashed and a briefcase stolen. The case contained all of his percussion mallets, and several hand written orchestral scores. I wonder how much crack the crook got for that.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jun 20, 2007 12:21AM)
On 2007-06-15 19:15, JustinCredible28 wrote:
Some people make me sick-- This happened last year (2 weeks before Christmas) -- but I still think about it now & again. At the bar where I bartend, I sometimes would bring my backpack full of Magic/Mentalism books in to read on slow nights. On this particular night, I got up for a second to get someone a drink, and when I came back to my spot, my backpack full of [b]everything[/b] was gone!!! (My own fault . . . I know--)


The part I find most disturbing is you take on the behavior of an idiot as if it isi your fault. As if we should EXPECT bad bahavior out of others. It is NOT YOUR FAULT!

Fault lies with those who took the stuff period.

Could you have been more dilligant and watched better? Perhaps yes, but please do not tell me it is your fault. Fault lies with the thief alone.
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Jun 20, 2007 12:56AM)
I think it [i]was[/i] his fault.
Message: Posted by: JustinCredible28 (Jun 20, 2007 02:15AM)
Either way-- I didn't mean to come across as someone who behaved like "an Idiot"-- I DID, however learn a valuable lesson in leaving valuables unattended in public. I do agree with what you said, Danny about thieves, and how the fault lies with them alone-- it's inspiring as opposed to the way that I had been looking at it before-- thanks :)
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Jun 20, 2007 04:35AM)
Perhaps I will jinx myself by bringing this up, but I've been very, VERY lucky- perhaps even blessed in this regard. I have lost or misplaced some very precious things in my life and have had great fortune in getting them back- against all the odds!

Best Example:

On our honeymoon, my bride and I were in New York, enjoying our last few hours in the Big Appfle.

We had a while before we had to get to the airport so, with nothing else to do, we went to do some midtown shopping (Tannens, Fantasima, and wherever the heck she wanted to go...)

Thinking more about the shops than our upcoming plane ride we (although she'll swear it was "I" :) )hopped out of the taxi and darted across Madison Square Garden plaza only to realize 10 minutes later that we ("I") had left our suitcase in the trunk of the taxi! That suitcase that had everything in it. Grace's dress, the camera with all the wedding pictures, the wedding gifts- EVERYTHING!

In the trunk of a taxi. In the middle of midtown Manhattan. In the middle of the day. On a Monday.

Usually I make a mental note of the # of any taxi I get into- just in case... But I was WAY too preoccupied this time. And it was that one time.....

So we desperately ran back to 32nd street not knowing just what to do, and my heart sank when I saw the veritable sea of yellow taxi's on the street. Hundreds of them all up and down the streets.

We walked over to the Penn Station taxi porter and asked what, if anything, we could do if we left something in a cab and didn't know the cab's #. He looked at me as if I had two heads- before he told me I was *S*O*L* unless the driver found it and turned it in perhaps hours from then, if at all...

We left the porter. I was getting quite panicked, and Grace was near hysterical, as the realization set in that all of our stuff and all of our wedding memories might just be gone forever.

So, without any inkling as to what to do, in a near panic, I just stopped the very next cab I saw in the street and poked my head into the window and blurted out my story to the driver asking *him* if he knew what I should do if I left something in a taxi, who I should call or anything!

The guy looked at me kinda funny and he says to me-

"Weren't you just IN my cab?"

I had managed to stop the same taxi we had been in, it must have been a one in a thousand shot- maybe one in a million. He then told me that he circled the area to look for us, but had just given up and was looking for another fare. He was heading to the taxi stand to wait in line, hopefully to get an airport fare.
Which would have killed our chances to get the stuff before the next day, again- if at all!
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Jun 20, 2007 11:09AM)
Wow, that is definitely very lucky.
We got our brand new digital camera stolen in Orlando, not last summer, but the summer before. We left it at a table in Typhoon Lagoon. We went to Downtown Disney, and I was going to take a picture of Magic Masters, (I was 14 at the time, and this was the first physical magic shop I have ever been to.)
It was then when we realized our camera was missing. Quickly, my dad remembered where he left it, and we drove, (just across the street luckily) to a [b]closed[/b] park. My dad, being the crazy and adventurous person he is, came up with an ingenious plan. "I go through the (closed) fence, sneak inside the park, and take the camera." I was just afraid he was going to set something off while inside.
However, luckily enough, there was a staff party for the staff of the park that night. What are the chances? They let him in, and....

No camera. And that was the end of our vacations pictures.
Needless to say there was a family feud, an exchange in vulgar slurs, and then I, being the "mediator" of the family, decided that we enjoy the rest of our vacation. As we did.
The end!

On another note, if someone here ever plans on taking a camera, [b]please[/b] take out the memory card. Having your camera stolen is one thing. Having all your vacation memories stolen is another.
Message: Posted by: DerekMerdinyan (Jun 22, 2007 11:04AM)
On 2007-06-18 20:24, JustinCredible28 wrote:
Hey Derek! Nice to meet you :) I am currently bartending at Club BC's in Mill Creek-- the bar where this incident happened at was at (the now closed down) The Pine Cone Café in Lynnwood. What area are you in?


I'm moving from Issaquah to Seattle in a few months to go to UW.

Derek Merdinyan
Message: Posted by: sibbie (Jun 24, 2007 08:04AM)
I have only had a few minor incidents but had my hard drive crash on me once. Fortunately everything was replaceable as that was before keeping any real notes but it did teach me to keep a backup which is on a flash drive as well as other locations.