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Topic: Inertia pass
Message: Posted by: Targo (Jan 29, 2003 07:37PM)
I've posted this topic because I recently saw Sylvester the Jester performing in a close up routine and I was really amazed. He produces a lot of objects (coins, jumbo coins, a bottle of water a giant nut...) from his empty hands. Later in his lecture he explained the technique of this amazing effects (inertia pass). I acquired his lecture notes and I have read them, but I don't like how it's explained so I'm thinking about buying his video tape.
Have any of you learned the inertia pass? PM me with any advice or direction.


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Message: Posted by: Torkova (Jan 29, 2003 07:54PM)
I find it is a good tape. He teaches it many times from different angles and with lots of ideas. If you want to learn this great move then I think buying the tape is a good investment.

The Inertia Pass is a brilliant and under-used sleight which has the potential for whole new routines and ideas. It is not easy to do well but is worth the effort.
Message: Posted by: Daniel J. Ferrara Jr. (Feb 1, 2003 11:03PM)
I agree. The tape teaches the move very well and in great detail. I think the Inertia Pass is the kind of move that you need to see performed to really understand how powerful it is. It is a great sleight because it can be adapted to almost any object.
Message: Posted by: Targo (Feb 3, 2003 03:07PM)
Ok, thanks for your advice, I think I'll buy it inspite of the degree of difficulty.
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Message: Posted by: iwillfoolu (Feb 3, 2003 11:04PM)
The tape would be a bargain at ten times the price. The 'Inertia Pass' is an EXTREMELY useful and deceptive move. And it's not just for coins. Be careful though, as you may be tempted to overuse the move. Just remember: producing a few coins one at a time is amazing, producing a hundred coins one at a time becomes boring. However you will need to practice the move thousands of times to be effective. Buy the tape, practice for a year, knock 'em dead.

Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 5, 2003 09:43AM)
It is one good tape.. get it! The psychological aspect of it, together with misdirection working within such a small area, creates an effect that blows them away.