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Topic: Hundy 500- Close Up? Or Parlour?
Message: Posted by: MyTurnPlzAA (Jan 31, 2003 05:19PM)
Dear All,

Can this be done close up and arethe people on hundy 500 stooges ??


James :wow:
Message: Posted by: tankk (Jan 31, 2003 05:50PM)
Yes this can be done close up (right in front or side of you) Not sure about the stooges, it sure would be alot of them if they were.

Message: Posted by: afknight (Jan 31, 2003 06:41PM)
I know two magicians who swear by Hundy 500 and they perform it close-up with no angle problems. I just made mine up today and it got a good reaction in a close up situation. I personally don't think there were stooges in the DVD but maybe I'm too unassuming....
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Jan 31, 2003 07:56PM)
James, you have the DVD. Greg does it 10 times for 10 different groups of people and every one is done close up. And no, none of the people are stooges.
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Feb 1, 2003 05:23AM)
I'm interested - how do you actually know that none of them are stooges ixnay66? It's plausable that to make the effect seem better he used actors to behave more enthusiastically and for them not to mention any discrepencies they could see from being so close.

Staying on topic, this type of effect is ideal for walk around magic - closeup or otherwise - good luck myturnplzaa...

Message: Posted by: zauber (Feb 1, 2003 06:53AM)
Stooges or not .........good grief. Get past this. Greg Wilson was generous enough to share this effect (with Patrick Page permission). Let me ask you, did YOU enjoy the effect? I think you did.
Message: Posted by: MyTurnPlzAA (Feb 1, 2003 01:38PM)
Dear all...

I think the effect is awesome..

It wasn't me who said they were stooges someone else did...

I love the DVD..


Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Feb 2, 2003 03:15AM)
On 2003-02-01 07:53, zauber wrote:
Stooges or not .........good grief. Get past this. Greg Wilson was generous enough to share this effect (with Patrick Page permission). Let me ask you, did YOU enjoy the effect? I think you did.

Well you might be suprised to hear that the effect did not impress me that much, and learning that it's a gimmicked effect detracts from hundy500 even more in my opinion.

There are numerous posts on the Café describing all sorts of problems that hundy500 purchasers have had - it just seems to me to a be little bit rubbish! Like i say, just my opinion, i'm sure others will get a lot more out of it if they don't have a sceptical mind like me!

Message: Posted by: MyTurnPlzAA (Feb 2, 2003 04:22AM)
Think what you want chris the trick is awesome.
Message: Posted by: the_hidey (Feb 2, 2003 11:34AM)
Hi MyTurnPlazAA I just ordered the rubber cement from that site, should be here sum time in the near future, cheers for the advice.
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Feb 2, 2003 02:04PM)
it's pretty simple, folks...if you like the effect, if it makes you wonder how it was done, then get it...and learn how you can share that wonder with your audiences.

Personally, I prefer the Slow Burn handling, but there will be others who like Hundy more. Go for it.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Feb 2, 2003 02:55PM)
What is the basic effect of hundy 500?
Message: Posted by: jimesw (Feb 3, 2003 09:49AM)
Hi Pete Biro

Here is a description from http://www.magicsmith.com

Love the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch but find the folding and unfolding to be a bit slow and sluggish? Wait 'til you experience the Formula One speed of Hundy 500.

Gregory Wilson's version of Patrick Page's modern-day classic is a transformation of FIVE ONE DOLLAR BILLS into FIVE ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS! The handling has been souped-up, streamlined and built for speed.

The bills change invisibly from every angle in 10 different super-charged performances throughout LA - for babes on the beach to boyz ‘n da hood to cops on the beat.

Plus, this one-of-a-kind DVD comes with a special ‘Multi-Angle Shifter’ that puts you in the driver's seat. This brand new feature to magic allows you to switch back and forth to one of three camera angles- edited, top and front.
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Feb 3, 2003 08:26PM)
I'm interested - how do you actually know that none of them are stooges ixnay66? It's plausable that to make the effect seem better he used actors to behave more enthusiastically and for them not to mention any discrepencies they could see from being so close.

I actually know because Greg is a friend of mine and I've watched him do this trick for YEARS and he always gets those kinds of reactions. Granted, he's a full time pro so he has lots of experience in entertaining and he handles props very naturally. Also, what kind of discrepancies are you talking about? If people are seeing things they shouldn't then you haven't learned to do the routine properly. You should never show someone a routine when you can't do it properly. So do you think the trick sucks because it's a gimmick? How about the $100 Bill Switch. I think that's incredibly strong. It uses a gimmick. The strongest versions of coins across use a gimmick. The best version of 3-fly uses a gimmick. The cleanest copper/silver routines that happen in the spectators hands use a gimmick. Do you think all tricks with a gimmick suck? I don't see that as a very good reason to not like something. If you truly feel that way your cutting off your nose to spite your own face and you're missing out on some GREAT magic.
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Feb 4, 2003 01:52AM)
I dislike effects that are gimmicked in such a way as hundy500 because you cannot hand them out at the end. Some gimmicks are good, ones that cannot be discovered or are able to be swapped efficiently. I find it hand to believe you could swap those bills for ones you could hand out without someone noticeing...

Anyway, like i said, this detracts from the effect in MY opinion, it may well still be a killer in the right hands (as it obviously is in your friend Greg's hands).

Think about what i'm saying, i'm not having a dig at gimmicked effects, i'm saying that the fact hundy500 is gimmicked and cannot be handed out detracts from what is otherwise a clean effect. Don't jump into the deep end...

Message: Posted by: MyTurnPlzAA (Feb 4, 2003 03:25AM)

You can hand out the bills before the change and after.

Apart from 1...

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So it can be examined
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Feb 4, 2003 09:07AM)
It's all about audience management and experience. It doesn't detract from the effect if you handle your audience well. There are a LOT of tricks that aren't' examinable that KILL laymen. Invisible deck, cardtoon, MacDonald's Aces and Ultimate 3-Fly to name a few. I've done the trick MANY times and nobody has ever asked to see the bills. I've defused the situation early through proper audience management. In the beginning the audience sees each bill, one at a time, very cleanly. After the change, they see each $100 bill singularly, one at a time, VERY cleanly. They don't doubt that they are seeing 5 $100 bills. I'm not jumping off the deep end. I can just tell you haven't been doing this for very long and you don't have the experience by your concerns. You'll get better and feel more confortable as you gain more experience in real world situations performing for real people. If you try and do this effect for your dad or your best friend who always watch you do tricks, they're going to want to see the bills. I get the feeling these are the types of people you do magic for. Peoeple who know you, know you do tricks, and have seen you do them on more then one occasion and are comfortable enough around you to be "grabby." So yeah...this probably isn't a good trick for you.
Message: Posted by: MyTurnPlzAA (Feb 4, 2003 05:01PM)
So what's the best type of people to do this on ??/

Your thouhgts please, Ixnay66.

How do u wider ur performance people (who u perform too I mean)


James :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: syphon101 (Feb 4, 2003 05:55PM)
I just recently received Slow Burn. Would you recommend Hundy 500 over Slow Burn?
Message: Posted by: Andy G (Feb 4, 2003 09:04PM)
ixnay66 I think you hit the nail on the head, and this is a hurdle that anyone who is serious about magic has to overcome. Basically you have to get out there and do magic for strangers.

There's a great cliche that is so true, the difference between a pro and an amateur is an amateur keeps showing different tricks to the same people, and a pro shows the same tricks to different people.
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Feb 5, 2003 08:19AM)
Plus, who here would let a hundred dollar bill out of there hand to a complete stranger?

Greg said it best when someon asked to see the bills.

'Yeah, right, then I'm left standing here a hundred dollars less. I see the new running shoes your wearing.'

It makes perfect sense to me.

Watch the dvd of Hundy 500, Greg shows how to handle a lot of situations, from people seeing the bills, to audience management.

Plus the multi-angle option is perfect, I think every dvd magic tape should have this.