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Topic: Sv3rige's " Choose Any Card." :S
Message: Posted by: Sv3rige (Jul 6, 2007 04:33PM)
After reading these forums, I noticed some1 posted this kind of effect, and they didn't know how they did it.. Well I made it happen, I don't know if this is how he does this but this is how I do it ;)
You know my skills. This is a mentalism trick. Totally no honor at all :P
[b] Effect: You have a spectator think of any card. Spectator tells you the card, and they cut the deck to their card :) [/b]
Thanks to Bravesaint for creating " Bottled Up" to inspire me to create " Blow that Card Away."
Again, I didn't create this effect, I just made it happen. So give me no credit. Have fun ;)