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Topic: Help! I can't identify this die box!
Message: Posted by: stephenbanning (Jul 9, 2007 03:42PM)
Can anyone help me identify the following box? It is NOT the traditional sliding die box. It is a box that fits one die and there is a die inside. I got it from the widow of a friend who passed away. It is obviously vintage and in good shape, but I have never seen or heard of anything like it. The description is below.

The box is four inches by four inches.
It sits on a platform with four gold legs.
The box is blue.
The top of the box is open and the top of a die appears to show.
This is actually two panels that peel back into the box. So that the box can be shown empty.
Lifting the box reveils a "die", actually a shell.
This shell can also fit inside the box and when the box is shown, the box appears empty.
Inside the shell is a black peg with white oblong spots.
When you lift the peg, it reviels a large black sponge ball.
The quality of the prop is along the lines of an Abbott perhaps. It is complicated and well made. It doesn't seem to have the painting finesse of Owens Brothes.

Can you help me identify it?
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Jul 9, 2007 04:24PM)
Can you post a photo of it? Part of the description sounds like a Cube in a Tube (also made under other names).
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Jul 10, 2007 11:28AM)
Almost sounds like the king version but a picture will have a thousand people answering you.

Swoger made one with a hidden space so a silk would appear.

I have a blue box that opens on every side except the bottom and sounds similar to what you're describing but not exactly,

I actually have about 20 different boxes. The Dog Bone and Chesterfield are the oldest.