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Topic: Sv3rige's " Bouncing card, from the ground to the sky."
Message: Posted by: Sv3rige (Jul 10, 2007 12:19PM)
Well, here is a floating card trick that I invented and hope you guys like it, like you liked my other effects :P I prolly will not be making that many effects as fast as I was since I need to work on other things. I'm mainly working on some hard flourishes, and I am trying to get a job :D
[b]Effect: You have the spectator select a card. You take the selection and and toss it up in the air and it goes around my back and toward the audience. You can also toss it out and it comes back. No strings attached. The trick is how you do it, not the effect. [/b]

Thanks goes to
Flourishx --> for being a good friend, and getting me into flourishes ;)
DMann --> Thanks for trying to market my effects :D
Ellusionist --> For cleaning my topics, being the great magicians that they are :P

I hope you had fun like I did, especially performing this effect was fun.