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Topic: How to fold silks
Message: Posted by: Chris Becker (Feb 9, 2002 06:53AM)
How do you fold your silks effectively so that they either spring open in mid-air (card fan to silk la Salvano, Marvey, etc...) or quickly unroll?

Your advice is highly appreciated!

Happy Magic, Chris
Message: Posted by: Jeb Sherrill (Feb 9, 2002 06:05PM)
It's tough to explain in print, but basically they're just rolled from end to end with a bit sticking out to hold on to. Vito Lupo has a nice fold and if you check out the McBride Stage tapes (a really good stage video anyway) he explains several of the great methods for rolling silks. It's something you kind of have to play with, but once you get it right, it's one of the most fun effects to perform. Send me a message sometime and I'll try to help you more.

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Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Feb 10, 2002 06:37AM)
Sable hit it right on the nose, it's pretty basic in concept, you'll just have to get used to rolling it up quickly in the palm.

I personally use the same method as Lance Burton and Greg Frewin. It's funny because you expect it to be more complicated than it really is. To make a long story short, you basically just roll it up from end to end!
Message: Posted by: RayBanks (Feb 11, 2002 09:18AM)
There is an easily made gimmick for rolling up silks described in Hugard's 1937 Annual.

You can view this on the Learned Pig website.

Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Feb 12, 2002 05:11AM)
Let's assume, for illustration, an 18-inch silk.
With the silk lying square and flat, accordion fold from the bottom until you have a folded silk 18 inches wide and 2 inches deep.
Then accordion fold from the left (or right) until you have a final packet 2 inches square.
The advantage of this double accordion fold is that, when the silk springs open, it springs from two different directions, making the opening much faster.
Peter Marucci
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Message: Posted by: Chris Becker (Feb 14, 2002 05:45AM)
Thanks Peter, I'll try this out.

regards, Chris
Message: Posted by: magic_kris (Feb 14, 2002 01:13PM)
At a recent Duane Laughlin lecture he had a small hollow plexiglass tube with another solid tube that fit inside that he used and sold to roll silks.

He suggested rolling the silk into a small ball around the hollow tube and then tucking the a hitch of the remaining unrolled portion of the silk into the center with the solid tube then pulling the whole thing off.

With a snap of the wrist while holding the end of the silk it would unroll.

He also talked about rolling one way (clockwise or counter) produced a smoother unrolling action than the other, but I don't remember which. Some trial and error should show...

Perhaps a straw could be used for the hollow tube.

BTW: Duane Laughlin said at the lecture that he should have his website up during the first quarter of this year. He didn't have the url at that time. If anyone has details please share.
Message: Posted by: Great Scot (Mar 1, 2002 02:40PM)
Thanks for the tip about the silk rolling tool from The Learned Pig Project. It is a great site, I use it a great deal.

Unfortunately, there is so much information on it, that I can't get to it all.
Message: Posted by: amshake (Apr 18, 2002 09:34PM)
Wow.. Peter.. I loved your sugestion.. tried it while I was reading.. loved the effect!!