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Topic: Standard shuffle in casinos?
Message: Posted by: Maxim (Feb 4, 2003 07:37AM)
Hi, does anyone know what the standard shuffle in a casino is(eg: 3 riffle shuffles then a cut)?

Many thanks in advance,

Message: Posted by: Maxim (Feb 4, 2003 07:42AM)
Oh yeah and if anyone knows a really good online casino site where you are able to view the various games they use that would be great too.


Message: Posted by: iamslow (Feb 5, 2003 02:41AM)
Every casino has their own standard shuffle, the most common one for me would be shuffle once, strip and shuflle twice. This was pretty standard with the old charity casinos in toronto. :snail:
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Feb 6, 2003 02:19PM)

In most cases, you are playing with many decks as in blackjack. You have 8 decks together. The cards are in one huge stack. Then small bunches are taken from each stack and riffled together, then usually repeated.

In other games that have been popular lately like Let It Ride, or Caribbean Stud, they have a maching that shuffles one deck while another is in play. Or the same deck is fed into a machine that mixes the cards and deals out the appropriate hands.

Did you have specific games in mind?

Jim Molinari
Message: Posted by: Maxim (Feb 6, 2003 07:12PM)
Hi Jim, I'd particularly be interested in the standard shuffle for hold 'em poker.

btw, i have it on good authority that you should stay away from carribean stud, where the odds of winning are very bad.

Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Feb 7, 2003 01:53AM)

I have not played that in years but my recollection is that they would riffle shuffle the cards. I don't know if they have modernized it in recent years like having a machine do the shuffles but I don't think so.

Yes Carribean Stud is nice to try to say you tried it but it is very hard game to buck the odds.

Blackjack is still my favorite.

Message: Posted by: DBKid (Feb 7, 2003 01:47PM)
According to a Discovery TV episode recently the days of hand shuffling in casinos is numbered. There is a new random shuffling machine in Vegas which promises to be in use everywhere.

Why? because of card counting. The used cards from a previous deal are placed in the top of the shuffler and new cards are dealt by picking from the shoe.

The used cards are selectively slipped back into the deck and have a fair chance of being dealt again within one or two hands and so effectively prevent anyone from counting the aces and faces. Apparently a card counter had about a 1% edge on the house if he was good - now gone.
Message: Posted by: Maxim (Feb 11, 2003 11:27AM)
Hey so how many riffle shuffles do they make in poker games before cutting?