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Topic: Production/Coins Across
Message: Posted by: feher (Jul 21, 2007 09:33PM)
This is something I've been playing with. What do you guys think????
Influences from Ammar, Roth,Goshman,myself
Suggstions welcome good or bad.
Thanks in advance.
Tim Feher

Message: Posted by: rannie (Jul 21, 2007 09:48PM)

I enjoyed not only this particular video, but all your videos as well. You have the chops and the personality.

I PMed you

Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jul 21, 2007 10:03PM)
When one makes a thing appear at one's command
Then it's no surprise that one can make it jump from hand to hand.

One sometimes has to decide
Just how clever one wishes to appear.
Message: Posted by: feher (Jul 21, 2007 10:19PM)
Thanks Rannie, I'll read the pm after this.
You said a mouth full.....You made me think from that statement.....while this my be true one that can produce coins by command can make coins travel from place to place....I think I know what you mean.
This might be a stronger effect if I just brought out the coins? Not produced them first???
With this theory we can only do one trick per person.......lol JJ
Thanks for the comment you have made me think...thank you
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 22, 2007 12:13AM)
Looks good to me.
Message: Posted by: jolyonjenkins (Jul 22, 2007 01:33PM)
I think it's good but the last coin across is the weakest. The audience knows what to expect and I'm not sure that by then they'd be convinced by a simple false put. Perhaps a ROV would be better, or else a pointing transfer (a la Sankey)?
Message: Posted by: John Heggie (Jul 22, 2007 08:35PM)
Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

Message: Posted by: feher (Jul 22, 2007 08:42PM)
You make a good point but I had to decide ethier make the last coin change the flow of the routine because of what you suggested or just do a simple vanish of the last coin and keep everything concistant from start to finsh. As you seen I did the later of the two. I did'nt want to over show my hands, I hate that.
I feel I had enough subtleties showing my hands empty.
Thank you for taking the time to comment.

New question for you all.......
Would changing how the last coin goes across inhance the effect????????
I feel it would'nt, it would just add more moves.... but I can be pursueded.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 22, 2007 08:54PM)
Hi Tim thanks for sharing your demo with us you have seen your worj in the past and it is all good
Message: Posted by: jolyonjenkins (Jul 23, 2007 03:32AM)
It's a pity that these demos have to be posted here - you'd get more advice from coin nuts in the "show me the money" forum.

As to the other point, I'm not sure there's a lot of benefit in consistency per se; but even if you want to keep those three sleights, I would change the order. Both your clink pass and the friction pass (with Goshman pinch) are more convincing to me.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Jul 31, 2007 10:25AM)
I like it Tim. I've seen this before on MVD and admired its simplicity. It's fine like it is, but I can understand where rj is coming from on the last coin. The false transfer works, but an ROV could seal the deal a bit better maybe. But if you don't change it even a little bit, it's pretty cool just like it is. Coins Across change all the time, from performer to performer. And with that, again I say, "I like it!" :)

Hey and also, perhaps JT has point in his comments too. I don't think you necessarily need the production of the coins, though it's cute. But it might alarm people that you are already skilled at hiding the coins in your hand...could possibly take away from the magic of the crossings. But really, all this stuff happens so fast that I just don't believe people are thinking all that much and most times just go along with the amazements of the moment. Now if you do it immediately again then people's minds start doing the math on how it works. But the first time, it's just magic to be enjoyed and not so over-analyzed. :)
Message: Posted by: Joshua Barrett (Jul 31, 2007 02:31PM)
Recent literature has sawyed me in the direction if the last coin to go isn't in the spectaors hands a back fire is the way to go. I think the last coin would be enchanced with either the use of a extra coin and maybe roths idea of using edge grip, or when I'm doing 3 coins across nothing extra I use platts fanning pitch. the move its self is not whats important but that is accully placed in the hand, but is stolen
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jul 31, 2007 03:23PM)
Like Jonathan said once they appear magically, moving them from hand to hand is kind of almost anti climactic in a way if you ask me.

I do want to say that the first coin is pretty strong. The back clip you use is really pretty good and almost even caught me the first time. Very nice.

I would add one presentational hint for you. The use of the words "Like So" really annoys me in any presentation. It shows you havn't really worked out a script. You actually used it twice in the routine I believe.

But like I said, very nice routine thanks for posting.
Message: Posted by: magicandsoul (Jul 31, 2007 04:04PM)
On 2007-07-21 23:03, Jonathan Townsend wrote:
When one makes a thing appear at one's command
Then it's no surprise that one can make it jump from hand to hand.

One sometimes has to decide
Just how clever one wishes to appear.
If this obsevation were true then the entire coins across routine is a waste of time. I mean, if you can make one coin "jump from hand to hand" then it's no surprise that you can do it again & again.

The production of coins looks fine. Good job.

Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jul 31, 2007 05:57PM)
Well done Tim!
Many of us here know what was going on but the laity won't and that's the goal.

My feelings are similar to JTs in that if the coins are produced from a magic place that it may be best to have them return to that place at some point. Not necessarily in the same routine but at some point during a coin segment.
If they are removed from pocket then you simply return them to the pocket.

Then again, why not just pocket the magically produced coins? Hey, everyone can use a few extra coins nowadays. ;)

M&S says:
[quote]I mean, if you can make one coin "jump from hand to hand" then it's no surprise that you can do it again & again.[/quote]
There's an idea here in that if one of the coins, say the second, fails to travel that it may add a different type of surprise and some fun to the routine. Something like what Roth does in 'Hanging Coins'.

Don't get me wrong. I liked your handling and routine and know it will work fine for any lay audience.
Message: Posted by: feher (Jul 31, 2007 09:36PM)
Thanks everyone for the tips and comments. I will look into this more on the handling side of things. I know I did this on the table but I really do this in the spectators hand. Let me tell you when that first coins hits there hand I usally get a gasp. Because they just seen my hand empty then all of aa suddened a coin hits there hand. Its really a nice moment for me. The second gets a good reaction too because of the click of the coins. They have to be in my hand.(in there mind) The third coin I just pick up the two that traveled then put them back down and add the third and close there hand around them.Yes I do agree about the thrid being the weakest I don't have a problem with it but since a lot of you don't care for it I will work on the last coin and repost.
Thanks again my friends
Message: Posted by: Fingers (Aug 1, 2007 08:31AM)
Just seen the video Tim and I think it looks good all the way around. I thought your handling and timing was very good. Just my opinion.....
Message: Posted by: feher (Aug 1, 2007 08:45PM)
Thanks for the comment...I'm glad you liked it.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Aug 1, 2007 09:10PM)
Look to Gary Kurtz's routine for some insight about presenting a piece where coins appear, jump around then vanish.

Those whose performance is motivated by showing off will amuse themselves as they want.

If you want to know for sure, look to your audiences.
Message: Posted by: enginemagic (Aug 1, 2007 09:32PM)
That was some nice moves ,kinda like the three & three I learned.keep up the good work,shure like to see some video clips of jonathans work on here ,wondering if you can show us some?
have a good day everyone
Message: Posted by: enginemagic (Aug 5, 2007 07:46PM)
Theres a good 4 coins across routine in the magic makers DVD set using a expanded shell half dollar named "the Peregrinatig halfs .looks easy,and very effective.
Message: Posted by: Lord Anacho (Oct 2, 2008 01:59AM)
I'm an admirer of Feher. When I start with coins I'm going to watch his clips very attentive.

Ciao for now

Message: Posted by: TKO MAGIC (Oct 2, 2008 09:09AM)
I liked it. looks good
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Oct 2, 2008 06:27PM)
Better than roth!

Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Oct 2, 2008 09:23PM)
How did I miss this one? Good routine. Very smooth moves and great timing.
Message: Posted by: feher (Oct 13, 2008 05:11PM)
Wow...this was an old one....lol sorry I haven't responded but I don't usually check this section too much.....sorry I'm always hanging out in the coin section.

I just deleted this clip from youtube a couple days ago figuring it was old. Thanks allot guys for the nice and encouraging comments, your all the best !!!!!