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Topic: Drawing Room Deceptions
Message: Posted by: andycaddick (Jul 25, 2007 08:10AM)
I am terribly sorry if this is not allowed but I wanted to make people aware that I am selling my copy of this (it is signed too) on ebay. There is a reserve as it isn't the easiest thing totrack down anymore.
Apologise if this is innapropriate to post such a thing.
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Jul 25, 2007 12:42PM)
Here was the correct place to post it:

I already have this book, and why are you selling it? If you really don't want it anymore, wait a while to sell it, and you will get more money from it.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Aug 7, 2007 07:41PM)
It's an excellent book though the materials are quite difficult.
Message: Posted by: bugjack (Aug 10, 2007 02:35PM)
Is this book out of print?
Message: Posted by: magicstudent (Aug 12, 2007 07:39PM)
Not yet, you can find it here:

Message: Posted by: peculiarone (Aug 13, 2007 09:05AM)
I own this book and it is superb
Message: Posted by: Lukenp (Aug 23, 2007 04:23PM)
This books is in its 4th printing. It was reprinted back in '06.
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Aug 28, 2007 10:06PM)
This is one of the best book in card magic.
Message: Posted by: h_A_Z (Aug 29, 2007 08:23PM)
Its also one of the HARDEST routines to learn but well worth it
Message: Posted by: Kimura (Sep 2, 2007 12:32PM)
Everyone talks about Waving the Aces and Hollingworths T&R. What are the other items in this book like?
Message: Posted by: Lukenp (Sep 2, 2007 04:30PM)
His Cards under box is a very nice routine that I perform. His Oil Water is very good as well. Hmm...there's some other neat stuff in there as well. Cassandra Quadary, His version of the Travellers, an ace assembly. I like his style of writing as well.
Message: Posted by: jerry100won (Oct 21, 2007 07:28PM)
I've heard a lot about this book and it's difficulty but I have not seen an effect done in person. Any of the routines shown on DVD or YouTube?