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Topic: Comedy Patter for the Invisible Deck
Message: Posted by: Chris Berry (Feb 5, 2003 06:05PM)
Can anyone help me out here?

I am trying to think of some comedy patter but so far I've gotten nothing.


I'll give you a donut! :donut1: and drinks are on me! :cheers:

Message: Posted by: jlibby (Feb 5, 2003 06:19PM)
You know, I'm not sure the ID really needs comedy patter. The situation is funny.

Having said that, in his book on restaurant magic, Al the Ordinary includes his script for the ID. It's the traditional presentation, but he ties a few one liners into it.

See ya!
Joe L.
Message: Posted by: johnpert (Feb 10, 2003 09:36PM)
Not comedy, but in an old Linking Ring magazine issue there was a routine posted in a parade about fate or choice. After a discussion about the topic a card was chosen in one's mind, only to be revealed face down in the deck.... so was it fate or choice??


Message: Posted by: mforteath (Feb 12, 2003 08:39PM)
I assume that you are using a brainwave deck or similar with this routine? I do, and use a comical type patter. I pick someone in the audience and throw them what I tell them to be an invisible deck of cards. I ask them to shuffle them and eventually ask them to turn a card the other way and remember what it is.

You can make this go on for a while, by telling them that they dropped a card etc.... I then introduce the egg bag, and show it empty, although it is loaded with the brainwave deck. I explain that they will need to throw the deck of cards from where they are sitting into the bag, and it should appear, well it does, and as you show the shape of the deck of cards in the bag, I ask them what their card was. I then pull out the deck and show them the result.

Good luck.
Message: Posted by: Chris Berry (Feb 12, 2003 09:13PM)

Yeah I use the bit telling them they dropped some cards. Then I tell them 'oh don't worry about it we have plenty still.'

Then when they name a card I say "I'm sorry we can't use it...it's the one next to your foot."

Message: Posted by: crashfreze (Mar 7, 2003 05:36PM)
Dude, Bill Malone has the funniest Invisible Deck routine. The funniest part to me is when he says "ok the card that she chose will be the ONLY card upside down in the entire deck, and what was the name of the card?"

"Two of clubs"

"Ok she said King of Hearts in case you all didn't hear her"
Message: Posted by: DADE (Apr 3, 2003 07:25AM)
Yeah, Bill Malone"s "Invisible Deck" routine is great, it's so funny and a joy to watch...

All the best,

DADE. :banana:
Message: Posted by: denny_Corby (Apr 3, 2003 03:03PM)
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Apr 5, 2003 02:18PM)
It's not presented as an "invisible" deck (and that's a good thing) but Steve Bedwell's routine for this prop is hilarious, plus "the chicks dig it".
Message: Posted by: The Cardfather (Apr 5, 2003 11:25PM)
Mark, your egg bag reminds me of a method a friend told me years ago. Don't know if it's his own original idea, but just in case, his name is Marshal. Use a plain paper bag, hold the bag naturally from the top edge, thumb outside the bag, finger tips inside. Upon making the catch the fingers on the inside of the paper bag snap. The snapping of the fingers slap against the side of the bag making the sound and motion of catching a deck of cards. Reach in, pull out the already loaded deck from the bottom of the bag. Rick
Message: Posted by: Marc Levine (Apr 9, 2003 12:28AM)
Go with Bill's routine. He's brilliant. The
"On The Loose" dvd's were one of the best investments I have ever made. People seriously belly-laugh at his Invisible Deck routine. Thanks Bill.
Message: Posted by: DADE (Apr 9, 2003 07:02AM)
I just checked and the Invisible deck routine is on vol 3 of Bill Malone, On The Loose series.

DADE, :stout:
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Apr 9, 2003 08:08AM)
Bill!!! MA-LONE!

My mom thought that I was crazy (I laugh and laugh...) while I was watching the Invisible Deck routine!

Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Apr 16, 2003 11:00PM)
I agree that Steve Bedwell's routine is terrific! It uses an invisible deck, and a couple of cups, and the effect is very different.

I recommend you buy his video "M.D. Not Required".

Ron Reid
Message: Posted by: Mike the Amazing (Apr 21, 2003 03:32AM)
A good way to start off, once you have given them the "deck" ask them to shuffle the cards. As soon as they start shuffling, remind them that they have to take the cards out of the box first! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: dave s (Jul 20, 2003 03:57PM)
Johnny Ace Palmer had some interesting thoughts on the I-Deck. His routine is described on a video and also in a set of lecture notes.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jul 21, 2003 05:44AM)
You can also do this as they are set to toss the cards back to you: you can say, "you think I'm Crazy but look who's holding the Deck." Don,
Message: Posted by: ludmer (Aug 13, 2003 02:15PM)
I ask the spec to look at the invisible card, then I turn around and say, "Hey, you´re not suppose to let me see it. That way the trick´ll be silly!!"
Message: Posted by: marctheamazing (Oct 4, 2003 11:23AM)
This is a little gag that works well after all the jokes of cards falling on the floor, remember to take the deck out of the box, etc. You take the "invisible" deck of cards back, and offer to make it appear right before their very eyes by placing in your pocket. You place the "invisible" deck inside your pocket and snap your fingers. Pull out the physical deck and announce TADA! I play it off as if that was the trick and just for fun, what was the card you peaked at? You then show that all the cards are face up, except of course, for the chosen card.

This presentation works well because you take the spectator on a little bit of a roller coaster ride. They wonder if you really expected them to believe that making the deck appear was a great trick. You then change their entire opinion of the trick so quickly for them to believe this is truly an incredible miracle. This quick change of mindset usually exaggerates their reactions to the miracle portion of the trick.

Additionally, I don't explain to the audience what they'll find when I spread the cards, meaning I don't tell them that there will be one face down card in the deck before I spread the cards. It takes a little bit of the suspense away. Instead I spread the deck and point out that there is one face down card when I get to it. You can see the expressions in their faces when they realize they've just seen a great magic trick. They enjoy the surprise.
Message: Posted by: gician (Oct 6, 2003 10:52PM)
That's really some very good thinking marktheamazing.
Thank you.
By the way, does anyone know the linking ring issue mentioned above? I like the fate/choice idea for other effects. :readingbook:
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Oct 16, 2003 08:11PM)
Lots of mime and focus on the details of what is happening the deck.

"Excuse me sir, could you catch this invisible deck of cards for me?....obviously not"

[to spectator in front of him]

"i'm so sorry madam, its an invisible deck so the bruises will be invisible too. Would you find take the deck out of your ear and passing it to then gentlemen behind you."

"Wonderful, now sir, could you give the cards a quick shuffle...that's great but its much more effective if you take them out of the box."

"You can see each one of them different, 4 suits, 13 values, 52 cards!

"Fantastic could you give them an overhand shuffle...now one of those fancy riffle shuffles they do in casinos....oooh...and the spray the cards between your hands...WOW...now throw them up in the air and catch them in your mouth!"

"WOW! That was great! Now sir, could you please tell me the name of your favourie card in the deck?....I'm sorry, I can't hear you with the card in your mouth...seven of diamonds?"

"Take out the seven of diamonds and show it to everyone. Can you guys see that over there? You can? What are you smoking?!?!"

"Ok sir, place the seven back in the middle of the deck and shuffle the cards for me so there is NO WAY I can find the card."

"Now throw the deck to me and make it become visible in mid air"

"Ladies and gentlemen a round of applause the gentlement with amazing appearing deck."

"Just as I said, you can see each one of them different, 4 suits, 13 values, 52 cards! Except, hang one some one hasn't paying attention and has put ONE CARD back in the deck the wrong way around."

"Would be totally blown away if these way the seven of spades?....seven of diamonds................oh..................lucky this is THE SEVEN OF DIAMONDS."

Message: Posted by: RC4MAG (Oct 17, 2003 01:08PM)
Don't forget the routine by Don Alan which can be seen on the Stevens video. I love his opening where he holds up his hand holding nothing pinched between his thumb and first finger and asks, "Sir, do you have one of these?" regardless of the response Don says," It is embarrassing to have one of these sir."
Also as an opener the Fantasma products sells a hankerchief which looks like it holds a deck of cards until you unwrap it to show nothing inside.
Message: Posted by: El_Lamo (Oct 17, 2003 03:58PM)
I take out my invisible deck. (no I don't - it is invisible)And do other card tricks first.

(The following is a handling. Square brackets are actions. There is no actual ID produced until I use the term ID)
* * * * *


[Take out invisible box and open it. Remove cards. Put invisible box in front pocket. Shuffle invisible cards.]

I have been practising with cards so much. My wife wishes they would just go away. I'm glad she said it about the cards and not me..."

"But, you know some of us and our hobbies. We'll make do with what we have... well at least until Visa gets paid down or our kids are in college whichever comes first."

"Now. I'm left playing with this..."

[Show empty hands]

"My wife says I'm not playing with a full deck... but this is my special deck of cards... they were given to me by my friend Harvey. They're invisible."

"Watch. I shuffle them, I do my best card tricks with invisible cards. See how they dance back and forth between my hands... like fifty-two ballerinas."

[look for nodding spectator... use the good sport... well first ascertain that he or she is not too medicated to assist.]

"Sir. You look like your enjoying self. Well at least until now. Guess what you've won tonight's audience participation award. Do you know what this means. Right exactly. You get to participate. So, Let's do the world famous ace of spades trick. [Aside to the rest of the audience]. This is Harvey's favourite"

"I am going to shuffle these cards. You pick the Ace of Spades. Then I tell you it is the Ace of Spades. And you show it to me. Everyone is impressed. I get another booking based on my amazing skills and what's that... Oh right... Harvey says if we do it very well then we might even hear him clapping...if it is bad ... Harvey clears his throat... I really don't want to hear any hare spitting noises."

[Hold out invisible cards for spectator who selects one.]

[Lean in conspiratorially to spectator.]

"You did pick the Ace of spades didn't you.." mock whisper.

[If the spectator disagrees]"Hey man. If you don't pick the Ace of Spades... then this won't work. Then I have to phone my wife and tell her to get out the invisible pork chops for supper. What card did you give me. A (fill in the blank). Here take it back. Give me the Ace of spades."

[When the spectator agrees] "Whew. That would really have busted my chops. Just a second."

[Pick up invisible cell phone]. "Here Harvey. Can you call my wife and tell her it is ok. He chose the Ace of Spades."

[Take card from spectator.]
"Now sir I'm really glad you picked the Ace of Spades. Watch now as I bury the card in the deck. Sir if you'll take all the cards and shuffle them."

[Hand deck to spectator to shuffle].

"I like to make magic happen in other people's hands. It is one of the best parts of being a magician. The look of wonder as magic happens in someone's hands. Plus... I don't have to clean up the mess."

"Now, we have never met before." (Add in other jokes as needed). "Please turn over the top card."

"Voila. The ace of spades. What are the chances of it being that card. That one card out of all of the invisible cards in the deck."

"That fellow over there is actually doing the calculations. I saw him pull out his invisible calculator."

"Thank you sir. Now if you'll pass the cards to someone else in your row. Oops. You dropped one. Ace of Spades. Hmmm." [Looking befuddled].

"Who has the cards now?" [Tada - New volunteer]

Ma'am thank you. Would you please shuffle the cards. Pull one out. Look at it. Hand me the rest of the pack. Thank you. Please show everyone your card."

"Now don't tell me the card... Is it the Ace of Spades?"

[If she says yes] - "I told you not to tell me the card. Great. Now. I have to do something different. Harvey. I need the phone [Phone home] Hi. Honey. Small Problem. Well, my helper... she told me the card... Now... I have to do it differently different trick... Well I don't know what to do. I only know how to do it with Ace of Spades. O.K. Wish me luck."

"Ma'am. I am now putting all the cards away except for the one you are holding which isn't the Ace of Spades."

[Go through motions]

"Now if you will flip your card through the air and make it slide into the cardbox. Don't worry it's magic."

[When spectator tosses it in] "Do you want my cell phone. I think the Raptors would like to talk to you. That was a great shot." I even felt my pocket bulge when you did it..."

[Remove ID from pocket]

"Now Ma'am. Your card was... You can tell me now."

"Three of clubs (or whatever) Interesting. I wonder why you chose that one..."

(There is a great odd/out ID handling posted here
which I have been doing now)

"As you know... you could have picked any card... and you tossed it into the deck. Unfortunately it flopped when you flipped and it is turned over. Excellent shot though!"

"And the one flipped over card is...."

[Actually show two and look surprised.]

"There should be one... hmmm"

[Show first card] "Ace of Spades. Hmmm that was your card Sir. And [showing the card back] not the Ace of Spades... Tada thank you very much."

[Bow. Wait] "What's that... Harvey says he doesn't think it is her card."

"Ma'am your card is not the Ace of Spades. See this card is not the Ace of Spades. [Argue with Harvey] Look you are not helping me. I can do this better alone. Fine. Don't help me. What magician uses a rabbit nowadays anyway. Fine leave. Fine."

"Ma'am Harvey said before he left that nobody believes this is your card. Again, what was your card?"

[Turn over card in indignation] "Right the three of clubs. And this is [look pleasantly surprised and pleased] the three of clubs. Well, I'll be. It must be my lucky rabbit's foot. My rabbit's food (remembering) Harvey... come back..."

"Thank you"

* * * * * *
For your consideration... Have fun.
cheers - El Lamo.

I will explain the Ace handling in pm as it will probably flag something to you
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Nov 11, 2003 04:15AM)
I give the invisible deck to someone and say:"please, shuffle the cards". normaly the spectator will shuffle the cards and I replay:"first take them out of the box".

Now when you do this routine to a magician he will usaly take the cards out of the case and start shuffle (trying to outsmart the entertainer and showing that he knows this joke)

when he is shuffling I say to him:"sorry, you forgot to take of the 2 rubberbands".
Message: Posted by: fourofclubs (Nov 15, 2003 09:17PM)
First of all, I do have to warn you, my success rate on this is only about one in fifty two, so let's just see if the odds are with us.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Dec 6, 2003 01:13PM)
When you are holding up and displaying the invisible deck, say tongue in cheek. "Not many people have seen one of these!"

This is a mentalist bit with the ID or BD.
You can use a 52 in 1 card and go through the usual bit that you made a prediction. They name any card and show that you do in fact have that card. This always gets a laugh when they realize you couldn't miss. Then explain you were just kidding but you really did make a prediction before the show. Take out your invisible or brainwave deck out using whatever by play turns you on. Important that they see that all the cards are in the same direction but one...show that only one card in the entire deck is turned over. Slowly reveal the freely chosen card.
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Mar 26, 2004 07:02PM)
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Sorry, I got carried away. :bg: