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Topic: Hypnosis insurance for the U.K.?
Message: Posted by: shrink (Feb 5, 2003 06:20PM)
A while ago in a thread of a similar subject a few people mentioned that there are companies outside the UK offering insurance for hypnotists?...Can anyone give me the address of such companies?
Message: Posted by: The Paranormalist (Feb 7, 2003 08:15PM)
Can't wait for a answer to this myself!!!! :dance: :question:

Okay, Let's be straight about this, I have recently seen the well known British hypnotist, Paul Mckenna advertising his nation-wide shows in the national newspapers. So the burning question is how does he get round the public liability insurance problem?
Unless as it has been suggested that he can afford to underwrite himself, or maybe he has got an off shore company doing the business. :confused:
Message: Posted by: Dr Omni (Feb 8, 2003 01:18AM)
Almost certainly, Paul McKenna was able to strike a private deal with an insurance firm, presumably for an enormous sum, to give him cover for his recent national tour. Although there are US insurance firms which cover stage hypnotists performing in the US, they won't cover UK stage hypnotists working in Britain.

This is hardly surprising. After all, if a stage hypnotist in the UK were to be succesfully sued for psychological damage, the insurance company would have to pay out whether it was based in the UK, the US, Peru or Bhutan.