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Topic: Kinves - are they ok?
Message: Posted by: StreetWalker (Feb 6, 2003 09:32AM)
Hello All!

I'm just starting up my street magic practicing for the up-coming season and i have a few questions. I do the color changing knive as part of my routine. I generaly get a good response from it, but i've been noticing some people acting a little edgy when i bring them out. I don't open them or anything, but would it maybe be better to switch to the lighters or are people just paranoid?

Message: Posted by: Gambit (Feb 6, 2003 10:32AM)
Usually, if on the streets you pull out a knife/knive/kinves :bwink: people tend to be a little wary, especially when after flashing your colour changing weapon you then try to get money from them...
Message: Posted by: RandomEffects (Feb 6, 2003 11:48AM)
This thread deals with introducing a knife to the audience on the street.