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Topic: About the New Magic Cafe
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Feb 10, 2002 05:20AM)
First, the new Magic Cafe is a lot better than the previous. You maintained the color, and basic style and added new features which are a big plus.

A couple of comments, about format.

1. When listing a topic I get to see only the most recent 15 topics. This is good for those who read every topic every day, however, those topics that are on page two to whatever page will rarely be read. It is like the search engines, after the first page how many continue through the other pages. Good information going to waste!

Solutions: Allow user to list the number of topics per page, like the search engines. 25, to max 50 per page as part of one's profile. Increase the topics so the lower down topics have a much better chance of rising to the top and being read.

2. The Members pictures are really great. It says a lot about the writer, and it makes this site so much more personal. I really like that.

Could there be a user picture page or topic, other then the Our New Arrivials page similar to the staff page where one can get to know the individuals a little more. An expanded profile page.

3. A file upload/download section so one does not need to search for these things. (.pdf, .zip, .rtf, ect)

Keep up the good work, everything seems to be in good working order.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Feb 17, 2002 02:02AM)
as always, I appreciate the nice comments and words of encouragement. :approve:

Regarding a seperate user profile page, that is not something that I have planned for the immediate future, but ya never know!

For your other question, in theory it sounds wonderful, but I can imagine all sorts of technical problems. You might contact Mary B. or Gene. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: amagician (Feb 17, 2002 03:30PM)
Dennis, I think that Stevee is right to be wary of having a file upload area.
A too-large chunk of my time is taken up by protection measures for my system.
I think it would be full of potential problems, and that's based on my couple of years background in computer support and 15 years as an operator.