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Topic: Paul Curry Worlds Beyond
Message: Posted by: Paradise (Aug 5, 2007 12:59PM)
I know that this has the original Out Of This World, but really don't know much else about the book.

Is this a one-trick book or are there more gems hidden in there? If so can anyone enlighten me to what the other great effect in it are?

This is just out of curiosity as I know it is very very rare to be able to get hold of a copy.
Message: Posted by: Waters (Aug 5, 2007 03:44PM)
There is a lot of great material in there! I bought a copy recently and have found it to be full of hidden treasures. For me it was well worth the "escalated" price. Others may not feel the same.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hallahan (Aug 6, 2007 01:52PM)
Using the Magic Café search engine, I found the following topics that already review the book, [i]Worlds Beyond[/i] by Paul Curry.

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