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Topic: Only 3...
Message: Posted by: Oge (Aug 8, 2007 11:25AM)
You got 5 book already with u...and now what would that be if you only have to perform 3 trick ?...something meaningfull and visual.
Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (Aug 8, 2007 12:25PM)

here we go

1. A small Seance (my own routine evolving Candles, Ouija board and centre tear)
2. WIth cards: The Dear mr Fantasy routine of Christ aces called simply fabulous
3. Cut and restored Rope(the classic version)
Message: Posted by: matt kemp (Aug 8, 2007 06:45PM)
1. Cups and balls
2. Chop cup
3. A trick from Patrick Page's Secret Seminars #6 called "Behind Your Back"