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Topic: Favorite spectator in a magic video...
Message: Posted by: Jax (Feb 7, 2003 06:51AM)
Got to be 'David' from the later Ammar tapes and I'm pretty sure he also turns up in Daryl's Ambitious Card video - his reactions are just brilliant !!

:) :) :)
Message: Posted by: catbertek (Feb 7, 2003 07:17AM)
LOL! Our weekly magic study sessions ALWAYS include a reference to David! I don't know why we find it so funny....
so, I second the nomination for David!
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Feb 7, 2003 07:23AM)
The woman who is sitting at the round table with her friends (when he does the contact thing) on the On the Spot video - or most any spectator on a Wilson video. He gets great reactions.
Message: Posted by: Jem (Feb 7, 2003 07:36AM)
Mine has gotta be David! (from Daryl's Ambitious Card DVD, Bill Malone's On The Loose DVD, etc.) He always seems so enthusiastic & amiable.

If only all spectators were like him! :bg:
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Feb 7, 2003 08:29AM)
If only all spectators were paid to applaud.
(not that the magicians mentioned need them to get paid anyway)
Message: Posted by: Bill (Feb 7, 2003 08:35AM)
My vote is for Dianne. The cutey with the marvelous dimples. She's usually there with her boyfriend :bawl: Oh, to be young and live in Lake Tahoe! :shucks:
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Feb 7, 2003 09:31AM)
So funny!
As soon as I saw this post before, I even read anybody else's, DAVID popped right into my mind there was no question about it lol. The reaction from Card on the Ceiling in the Ammar vid is just the funniest thing ever. There are of course other great moments throughout the L+L series but man...DAVID wins!
Message: Posted by: Kenguru (Feb 7, 2003 09:57AM)
I support david :rotf:
Message: Posted by: alexhui (Feb 7, 2003 10:24AM)
My post goes for David.When you see his reaction in the Johnny Thompson tapes,you will definitely laugh to floor.
To be frank,I think he is not a layman anymore,but he is definitely an entertaining man in most of 'HIS' tapes.

Message: Posted by: nalu_magic (Feb 7, 2003 10:53AM)
DAVID - he is hands down the best spectator. His reaction to Bill Malone's Ultimate 3 Card Monte is classic! His perplexed expression couple with his jaw dropped to the ground is an image indelibly stamped in my mind.
Message: Posted by: Neil (Feb 7, 2003 11:03AM)
The worst have to be in Daryl's Revelations videos - not only do they look fairly unimpressed (and rightly so for most of the tricks) but also really kind of dirty looking.
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Feb 7, 2003 11:38AM)
You give anybody enough free alcohol and they will be almost as great as David!
Message: Posted by: debaser (Feb 7, 2003 12:25PM)
Is Diane the Blonde on the L & L tapes. (Long Hair)
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Feb 7, 2003 12:34PM)
My favorite is the black guy who eats the peanut in the Ammar Money video. the dollar bill and the inside of the peanut changes places and when Ammar pulls the silk out of the cup and shows the peanuts the dude grabs a peanut and eats it.....That is so freaking funny.

His reactions are freaking great....worth the price of the videos...I think he's in all of them.
Message: Posted by: marko (Feb 7, 2003 04:45PM)
Tania from L & L. OF COURSE!
Message: Posted by: Jim Robinson (Feb 7, 2003 04:59PM)
I first really noticed David on the Malone On the Loose dvd's and then saw him on some other, earlier L&L tapes. He's the best but I wonder about the blonde that's sitting toward the back with the dimples.... I wonder how she'd be as a spectator at the table and why didn't Malone bring her to the front... (oh, now I notice, that must be Diane from an earlier post. She was sitting next to another girl in On the Loose. What other videos can I see her on?).
Message: Posted by: debaser (Feb 7, 2003 07:33PM)
So wait who's the blonde - Diane or Tania?

Message: Posted by: stevehw (Feb 8, 2003 12:10AM)
Does David have an agent? :wavey:

(Official Spectator Agent)
Message: Posted by: Sjiwi (Feb 8, 2003 05:20AM)
Yep, David is great !
Ooh, and his enthusiastic neighbour (in 'On the Loose') as well, of course. :rolleyes:

But, yes, they definitely know how to pick their female audience members :bg: (Although they don't always look equally interested :) See the brunette sitting towards the back in the 'On the Loose' series, for example.)
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Feb 8, 2003 10:06AM)
one word... -David-

Who wouldn't want him in the audience? His :wow: jaw dropping expressions are the best!
Message: Posted by: jacksorbetter (Feb 10, 2003 12:34AM)
The hot blonde in the front row of Daryl Does the full monty.

The first four times I watched the tape, I learned nothing about the three card monty becuase I was so focused on her. LOL!

I also love watching Paul Wilson "assisting" Lennart Green with Temple of Shiva Vol.2.
Message: Posted by: Chris A. (Feb 10, 2003 03:05PM)
David is cool.

John can be pretty funny.

And of course, Tania is exceptionally pretty.

I know some folks get upset that L&L often uses the same audience, but it doesn't bug me as long as the teaching aspect of the video is well done.
Message: Posted by: Justin Flom (Feb 10, 2003 04:53PM)
I love David's response to the Bill in Lemon on Bill Malone's DVDs because he starts talking about it with the guy next to him before Bill is even to it. "Noooooo way!"
Message: Posted by: debaser (Feb 11, 2003 01:14PM)
Ok so is the blonde Diane or Tania?

Message: Posted by: FrankStone (Mar 29, 2003 12:33AM)
I have to agree my vote goes for David as well. :heehee: When I just want to have a good laugh I pop in one of my DVD's and just watch David.

I think the blonde is Tania.
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Apr 21, 2003 02:40AM)
Lol, on David Blaine's first TV special he steals a watch from a big man, who proceeds to flap with his wrist and (in a camp voice) mutter "oh my god, give my watch back!"

Great stuff,

Message: Posted by: kid iowa (May 12, 2003 10:49AM)
The workers in the subway on the Blaine Street Magic.

As for David and the rest of the LL crew...they all give me a rash. I hate seeing the same people video after video. The only thing I hate worse is the fake bookcase.
Message: Posted by: denny_Corby (Jun 1, 2003 07:57PM)
What about Nicole from the on the loose tapes. She is the one in the white shirt that Bill does the cards across with. Tell me she isn't hot. :wow: :wow: :wow:
Message: Posted by: highmagic (Jun 7, 2003 05:49AM)
That's strange, nobody mentioned the extremely hot blonde "Rachel" in Michael Ammar's Thread Miracles Vol.1. That's worth the price of the tape.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 13, 2003 02:16PM)
Is David a member of the Café? If not, why not, he is talked about more than anyone else! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: mrbungle (Sep 24, 2003 12:33PM)
Let's do a poll on David's best reactions.

1- Paramount (bonus on ETMCM #5)
2- Card on ceiling ETMCM #5
3- Coins across (Visions of wonder) he reacts really late on the coin in the eye.

Special prize:
The guy with the mustache who hands out his watch for the nest of boxes effect on the visions of wonder DVD. He looks really worried when the table with 'his' watch falls on the floor. Look how uncomfortable he moves on his little chair. haha.

Easter egg: in the end credits of the Tommy Wonder DVD. David is credited under Special audience members.

David's signatures on cards have been:
Big Red (ETMCM)
David (ETMCM)
B. G. (VOW)

I don't own the Malone tapes, but did he write something on a card and if so, what?
Message: Posted by: Dan McLean Jr aka, Magic Roadie (Oct 5, 2003 08:42AM)
Ah, Tania! The first time I saw Max Maven's Video Mind (Close-Up), I ... ahhhhhhhh.......

Anyway, I'm considering contacting David to produce his own DVD on being a magic spectator? Muliple angles, close-ups, slow mo's, etc... When to react, when to nudge your neighbour to verify you both saw the same thing, how to follow the magician's eyes instead of his left hand, etc, etc, etc... No doubt about it, David's a master, and, as such, his mastery would benifit magickind (more specific than "mankind") immensely! Before every performance, we could have our spactators watch David's DVD so that they're primed!

David for Prime Minister/President!
Cheers from Toronto!
Message: Posted by: pbg739 (Dec 10, 2003 12:21PM)
LOOOOOOOOOOL! I love it. David is so cool. I contacted L&L not too long ago. I am trying to get in to see a taping of a video in the spring. Is David still in the videos? That's be cool. I only saw him in the ETMCM, and in the demos for on the loose. He's good people.
Ok....nuff of me.

Message: Posted by: JordanB (Jan 4, 2004 08:38PM)
I would have to say either David or John, John is hilarious on the Osterlind tapes, especially the Radar Deck routine. I also thought this one kid from David Blaine:Street Magic was funny. It was the middle of nowhere and he put a quarter on the back of the kids palm and waved his hands and poof it was gone. The kid didn't even blink..It was great, oh and Emmit Smith was funny too.
Message: Posted by: Dallen (Jan 12, 2004 12:28AM)
Oh yea, David is a great spectator...great reactions and personable. I agree that John is a great spectator too....he always gets into the performance and seems to have a great time.