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Topic: The New Madhatter
Message: Posted by: montemagic (Aug 9, 2007 11:16AM)
Madhatter Magic Shop is now under new ownership, and I must say that I have never before received service like this. I had a pending order during the transition that was never sent out by the old owners. Bill contacted me immediately, refunded all of my money, and then [b]STILL[/b] sent me my order. He also shared some bonus items with me for having to deal with the whole issue. His prices are the best, his service is top notch, I just can't say enough good things about him. If you are ever looking for an item, do yourself a favor and check Bill's prices at http://www.madhattermagicshop.com/magicshop/
Everything is usually AT LEAST $10.00 cheaper; in many cases it is even more than that.
Message: Posted by: darkdean (Aug 18, 2007 06:41AM)
Your right his prices look very good inded.

Thank you

Message: Posted by: montemagic (Aug 18, 2007 03:53PM)
I just ordered Collard from them and it was 53.95, everyone else is 69.95. This allowed me to get faster shipping and still pay less than I would for just the effect anywhere else. Thanks again Bill!!!
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jun 11, 2008 05:06AM)
Mad Hatter is an incredible shop run by an incredible team!
Message: Posted by: Magicray69 (Jul 9, 2008 11:40PM)
MadHatter is my favorite shop. Great service - prices and it seems they really care about customer satisfaction. That's the way to build a business. Bill and his staff are doing a GREAT job. Give 'em a try!
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Aug 21, 2008 02:40PM)
Madhatter is quickly becoming my primary source for magic equipment.

Message: Posted by: AaronishMagic (Dec 12, 2008 10:39PM)
Let's check it out~
Message: Posted by: Thales (Jan 21, 2009 10:33AM)
I was just given a $100 gift certificate to the Madhatter so I will be checking it out for sure.
Message: Posted by: Thales (Jan 22, 2009 05:31PM)
I got to talk to Bill at the Madhatter today. Wow what I nice guy. He spent like 20 minutes talking to me about various effects and answering my questions. Those guys at Madhatter really are doing a great job of providing us with the best magic, best prices and best service possible.
Message: Posted by: Wardy (May 28, 2015 01:42AM)
I love Madhatter. Incredible prices and great service, even to Australia!
Message: Posted by: RNK (May 28, 2015 07:25AM)
I do agree! Bill and Angie have always been available when I needed them. They have top notch customer service!