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Topic: Harley Davidson
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Feb 7, 2003 02:07PM)
Short version - I've been booked for a week to twist and clown for a Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary. I'm already thinking a ripped and restored bandana but I need more.
:question: Any magic or Harley themed ideas :question:

Also, any ideas on where to get inexpensive logo stickers/temp tattoos or other similar merchandise? :question:

By the way, I have less than 30 days to get ready for this!
Message: Posted by: DBKid (Feb 7, 2003 02:28PM)
Use squared-circle or mirror box to produce sew-on patches or a six inch miniature bike

6" Harley Bike in a die box?

Full size bike production from a suitable size chest if you have assistants since its very heavy.

Disappear yourself from a cabinet and ride in on a bike.
Message: Posted by: shinobi (Feb 9, 2003 03:33PM)
A member of my magic lodge is a balloon sculptor and he does a harley.. I might be able to get the "pattern" for you.
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Feb 9, 2003 11:33PM)
I do already twist the motorcycle and have purchased lots of orange and black for that. Thanks for the offer though.