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Topic: Becoming a member
Message: Posted by: Magikrn (Aug 12, 2007 03:34PM)
I have finally talked my wife into letting me join the IBM but I have a question. In order to join my local ring do I need to join the larger IBM? I can not find any info on this subject. I am just wondering if I join the main IBM if I am then capable of attending any meeting at any local ring.

Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Aug 12, 2007 04:28PM)
Every local ring has its own rules and bylaws, but generally as a member of the IBM you are welcomed to local rings. As far as joing a local ring, generally , yes you must join the IBM. Some magic clubs exist as rings and/or SAM Assemblies, and don't necessarily require membership in the national organization for membership in the local club, but to vote or hold office you must be a member. Best way to find out, check with the contact person at the local ring. You can find that information on the IBM website.
Message: Posted by: Magikrn (Aug 12, 2007 04:45PM)
Thank you for the info.
I will email the contact person.

BTW, anyone here a member of the San Bernardino CA ring?
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Aug 12, 2007 04:52PM)
Nope...Ring 370 in Summerville, SC, the IBM's newest!

If you need help in joining the IBM National, let me know.

Mark. :)