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Topic: My New eyePhone
Message: Posted by: Patriot (Aug 25, 2007 06:48AM)
I perform as a comedy pseudo 1890's-era medicine showman and one of my favorite props is a wireless bright red candlestick phone with an extendable antenna that I refer to as my "Cell Phone" for comedy call routines.

My daughter came over to the house a few weeks ago showing off her new iPhone and playfully putting down my turn-of-the-century Blackberry. In the spirit of parental "Oh Yeah?!?", I went into my "playroom", jammed a rubber eyeball into the transmitter cone of the candlestick phone and came out showing off my own eyePhone. It got such a laugh that I've kept it in my show for the adults.

I've toyed with duct taping a dollar-store photo album and miniature phonograph to the phone (for my eyePics and eyeTunes) but felt it was overkill...the eye gets the laughs. Just thought I'd share.
Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (Aug 25, 2007 07:40AM)
Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Message: Posted by: Creative Coach (Aug 25, 2007 02:10PM)
Aye Jaye was selling EyePhones at the KidAbra conference last week! They were great! Also a HotPhone!