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Topic: Looking for Manipulators
Message: Posted by: Circus Bambouk (Aug 27, 2007 12:23PM)
Not sure where to post this; Moderators' assistance kindly appreciated.

Hi, I'm Brian. Some of you know me as the highly opinionated clown from the clown and juggling forums. I have begun assisting Brian McNelis of Tomfoolery Entertainment produce 'Cirque Lite' versions of his 'Cirque Voila' theatrical production shows. I am also working on expanding my own Circus Bambouk show from a touring clown only show into a full-fledged circus show for special events and PACs.

I haven't seen too much magic in the new 'cirque style' shows over the years, and I think it would be a very nice fit. If you are a manipulator, or manipulator/illusionist with material you think could fit into a 'cirque style' show (with contortion, aerials, clowns, etc.) please PM me, and I'll tell you what info I need to be able to pitch you to Brian McNelis, and future clients.

Cirque Voila recently completed a highly successful showcase in Nashville for over 200 arts presenters, and we are expecting a high number of bookings (30 to 50 a year) over the next 2 years. Brian also books performers into Taiwan and China. http://www.CirqueVoila.com

Best wishes,