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Topic: Wholesale Paranormal?
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Aug 30, 2007 01:15AM)
I am doing some research for a potential project, that I am not quite ready to lay out yet. I am looking for wholesale sources for paranormal and/or strange items that might have some commercial appeal. Think back of the room sales on a larger scale.

Tarot cards? Runes? Ghost hunting gear?

Ideas for items as well as sources appreciated.


Message: Posted by: ufo (Aug 30, 2007 09:58AM)
Pendulums. They are oracles, diviners, tests, or hey, just jewelry! Mulitple buyers need multiple reasons to buy BOR.
Message: Posted by: jamiesalinas (Sep 3, 2007 12:35AM)
How about divining rods? Brass wire bent with wooden beads in the "handles" to allow free movement can be made.

Jamie Salinas
Message: Posted by: Bill Fienning (Sep 3, 2007 04:45PM)
Don't overlook booklets and pamphlets for BOR sales. If people buy a pendulum, divining rod or tarot deck, they may need instructions on using it. My guess is that you would do better with rather inexpensive booklets covering a single subject, rather than an expensive book covering every kind of divination tool. Of course, having one expensive book available might be a good idea.

I think there are sources that sell either the pre-printed books that you can hand-stamp with your information or masters that you can modify and copy as you wish.
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Sep 10, 2007 02:44PM)
Wholesale? I don't know of any. All the standard "Ghost Hunter" retail sites have ridiculous markup, they just buy the stuff from normal sources and mark it up even more to make a profit to gullible wide eye-d teens who are fans of Grant and Jason.
Message: Posted by: Maritess (Sep 12, 2007 10:56PM)
Other good items that are inexpensive to sell are stones, so any wholesale gem place would be good for you.
Message: Posted by: egregor (Sep 13, 2007 02:28PM)
Hey Dave,
Check out flora and co. they have some BOR pamphlets available, and some of the other mentalist sites do as well. I have a web address for this one that has been a good seller for me.