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Topic: Ball and Vase.
Message: Posted by: kihei kid (Sep 6, 2007 05:33AM)
Anybody out there have it in your act?

And if yes, do you do it without the gimmick or do you ring it in?


Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Sep 6, 2007 08:09AM)
I do it with a real egg and a Halloween Goblet to hatch a dragon(See my Crafty Shoppe of Little Horrors - Dragon Egg Over Easy on my site). The gimmick is completely different. The article also contains my handling for the original Ball and Vase with gimmick.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Sep 6, 2007 10:32AM)
Andy Dallas (PNP S.A.M) has a super stage routine utilizing a large Ball & Vase.

Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Sep 6, 2007 11:57AM)
Charlie frye has 2 routines in his eccentrrics dvd's
Message: Posted by: Julian Franklin (Sep 7, 2007 10:33PM)
I use it in one of my shows. I needed a trick I could do one-handed because I work with a puppet and after I added a magnet to the real ball, along with a chop cup, I was able to do a pretty good presentation all one-handed.

Even when the kids say "I have that trick" which doesn't happen as often as I was expecting, they get quiet when the ball vanishes from under the cup since they don't have THAT part of the trick!