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Topic: Free publicity do you get much?
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Feb 12, 2003 10:47AM)
I was wondering how much free publicity you all get?
I aim (succesfuly for the last 15 years) to get in the newspapers (local) at least 3 times a year and now and again I manage to get on HTV mind you last time they filmed me for 2 hours at a party and the cut was about 30 seconds. I have just 10 mins a go secured a free radio interview tommorow on a as long as it takes basis.
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Feb 12, 2003 02:26PM)
Have trodden this path Philip. I think it all depends on how much recognition one seeks and how big a part entertaining plays in one's life. I think you, like us, do not need Press, local radio/TV publicity to create financial turnover, as we both have very successful businesses. Somewhere in this forum I think I mentioned how the 'This England' TV feature on kids entertainers way back in the 80s caused us consternation through a sequence of events. These days this would be of little relevance to us as we know what we've got, what we earn, what a reputation we have, and last but not least some of the 'big name' folks we have met and are in their family photo albums forever; and personally just like to 'switch off' when not working and are happy to be low profile these days. No criticisms though, - each to their own.

Message: Posted by: ChrisZampese (Feb 12, 2003 04:02PM)
Good point Ace.

I think it depends on your aims. If you need the extra publicity (like I would if I went full time right now) then its a great idea. If you are sucessful already then, as Aceparties has pointed out, you may not need (or want) the extra attention.

I am aiming to get into table hopping and street magic a bit more, and I think a couple of appearances in the local newspapers would go down well to help me draw a crowd on the street.

If you can control your appearances in the media it can be used very well to get your name out there. If you cant control your appearances, then you could be in a bit of trouble (either because you don't want to be a household face just yet, or because you are in the media for the wrong reasons!!).
Message: Posted by: Zorak (Feb 12, 2003 04:28PM)
One thing I learned many years ago is do not take shows for free with the "promise" of publicity. I use to do this thinking my picture in the paper or a 10 second tv spot (which is about all you get if you are lucky)would help generate shows. Didn't do it for me.
My local advertising, and mainly word of mouth keeps me busy. Your best advertisement is your last show.
Another thing, you don't get the respect you get when the client forks over the dough.
Sometimes you are being a good sport and trying to help "them" out only to find out the other acts are getting paid.
Like I said, this has been many years ago, I've wised up since than. I still get a request once in awhile. I tell them I have to check my calendar. It seems I'm always booked up for that spot.
I know this sounds mean, even selfish. I'm niether mean nor selfish. Like I said in another thread, I have my charities I do throughout the year. I pick them.
My momma use to say, "The road to hell is paved with good promises." I know the quote is "good intentions" but she had a way with words. :sun:
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Feb 12, 2003 04:54PM)
HI Zorack,
I am not talking of getting free publicity for working free... just getting free publicity.

your right, I do not need the publicity but I always like to keep my name in the light so to speak. it's suprising what offers come in and from where after a good bit of newspaper or TV/radio. I am always looking to improve my business. I hate standing still.
the great thing about goals is working toward them not the actual achieving. because then you have to set a higher goal...and if there are no goals to achieve ...... how boring.
Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Feb 13, 2003 06:44AM)
I've never gone out looking to get any kind of publicity, although I have been in the press many times over the years, and I love it. It makes my day to see my picture in the press, and it can only do you a lot of good.

Zorak, you bring up a good point about working for free with the promise of free publicity. The person promising you doesn't normally have a say in it. Who ever is writing the story/taking pictures decide in the end. I can't count the number of times over the years that there's been a photographer present, taking lots of pictures of me as well as everything else that's going on, only to find there isn't any mention of me in the story in the press.

Best wishes, Billy
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Feb 13, 2003 09:21AM)
It makes my day to see my picture in the press, and it can only do you a lot of good.

HI Billy,
I had a bit of publicity 15 years ago and I got a booking (adult cabaret) for the MERLEWOOD HOTEL in Saundersfoot (near Tenby)
I have worked there ever since once a week from Easter to October half term + ChristmasEve, several tinsel and turkeys and New Years eve.

Another time I had just started doing Punch and Judy (Eric Sharp taught me) and I got some publicity in the paper on seeing it I was aprouched by the Pembrokshire Coast National Park Authority to script and perform a puppet show for them with puppets which they bought to my spec (Andy James Puppets) I think that this is now my sixth year performing the show 2 days a week +3 days of the county show throught the summer holidays. Today on the radio interview I spoke of the Parks puppet show in passing and the station manager has asked me if they can come and do a live broadcast interview at one of the beach days.... so that's a bit more publicity
Message: Posted by: Jon Gallagher (Feb 15, 2003 10:34PM)
If I go more than 30 days without a story in a newspaper somewhere, I get very hard to live with. I have press releases sent out to area newspapers whenever I'm performing (to let the folks here at home know) and also to the area in which I'm performing.

I'm finding that newspaper people are getting lazy nowadays, and will print, basically word for word, whatever you send them providing it's written in clear, concise English (and since I used to be an English teacher, that ain't hard fer me).

Smaller newspapers are my favorite because they're always looking for something to fill space. When I was doing my "just say no show" last fall at schools, I made local news a total of five times.

Then again, here in central Illinois, we don't have a lot of news anyway.
Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Feb 16, 2003 11:56AM)
You should ALWAYS be marketing yourself, and publicity is one form. If it's free, why not?
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Feb 16, 2003 10:17PM)
Good marketing is good publicity. I have worked very few shows where I have performed for free because of the "great" publicity I would get. Whenever I get a call asking to perform in exchange for all the publicity, I am respecful but explain that I do not do shows for free. Anyway, a good friend who is also a magician and has traveled the world making a good living as professional gave me some good advice in reguard to giving free shows. "They will treat you the way they paid you".
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Feb 17, 2003 01:59AM)
HI Darkwing,
I do not do free shows,I have a charity that I work for every month it is called POD
(Performance on demand) they supply entertainment to the childrens wards in Hospitals and are paid (therefore they pay us ) from company sponsers. OK the fee is about a half of my normal fee . But they work around you with regards time so you can slot it in when it suits you best. I normaly only do Whythybush Hospital which is 7 miles from home . But since Margaret the organisor saw my act she pursuaded me to do (only ocassionaly) Singleton and moriston in swansea (3shows) Carmarthen on the way home and then Whythybush. so doing five shows in a row like this makes it even more worth while. if anyone else asks about charity shows I decline on the Basis that I have already met my quota so to speak.
But my point is we are talking here about getting free publicity not performing for free... YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO FREE OR REDUCED PRICE SHOWS TO GET FREE PUBLICITY
Message: Posted by: Billy Whizz (Feb 17, 2003 02:20AM)
Darkwing wrote:
"They will treat you the way they paid you".

that's true Darkwing. Quite often when you do a 'free' show, you get treated with NO respect at all.

Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Feb 19, 2003 10:04AM)
Phillip is spot on here.
I've been fooled twice by the free show for publicity, load of rubbish they both where.
But there is free publicity out there I've only just started looking into it myself so I'd love to hear suggestions too.
learning how to do press releases is, I think, a major method (again I'm only starting to realise the potential and haven't yet been able to explore it fully)

can anyone think of how to get invited unto a local tv guest show. I'm sure ther must be a procedure.If you have an interesting story or talent it's interesting viewing and news. MaybeI should purchase some marketing books. There's definitely a large untapped source here waiting to be discovered.

well, I say untapped but I think Phillip is tapping away lol
Care to share your approach to getting this publicity, Phill?
Message: Posted by: Mikael Eriksson (Feb 21, 2003 10:40AM)
Hi Phillip.

I have been in the newspaper several times, and on the radio. I have never gotten one single job from that. Are you sure you have?

Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Feb 25, 2003 02:37AM)
I have been in the newspaper several times, and on the radio. I have never gotten one single job from that. Are you sure you have?

Yes I am pretty sure and as well as the larger bookings I have had from it I always get an influx of birthday party calls after such publicity.... when you write the artical
(yes I write my own in a third party manner)
try and get your address in the copy worded as though its not an advirt... simple example
if you start " Local magician Phillip Jones of ......address....... Has just been nomimnated ..bla bla bla" this comes across as editorial as aposed to saying "phillip can be contacted on ..........." wich is a blatent ad. it is difficult but not impossible to include you telephone number but I have had people ring the newspaper for my number I know because I always ask where they heared of me. I usualy put a small paid ad in the paper to be positioned near the free publicity this will maximise the responce.

can anyone think of how to get invited unto a local tv guest show.

Have you simply thought of writing to them and asking to get on? sometimes the simple things work. in the letter try and explain why you might be interesting to the hosts audience.. look at it from the Tv companys view point. what are they after and how can interviewing you provide that benifit.