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Topic: The perfect TV show for magicians? You tell me...
Message: Posted by: philvantee (Sep 20, 2007 07:05PM)
Greetings, fellows. Let's say someone in L. A. was about to give me the opportunity to present a web based T. V. show featuring one quality act magician per week. Let's say that I've already decided that whosoever that magician was, he/she was going to get our full attention for the majority of the 1/2 hour show (brief interview-and I do mean brief. And then on with the magic). Anyone have any opinions on what other points should be considered to make it the very best truly magician friendly and thoroughly entertaining show out there? Audience or no audience? Setting? Background? Music? Table or no table? Type of table? Indoors or out? Moody lighting or bright? Verbal or typed onscreen statement re. no trick edit video B. S.? I am open to any and all suggestions. Next time I post, I hope I can open wide the floodgates and begin to take submissions for qualified folks who wish to appear.