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Topic: The Magic Cabaret - Extended!!!
Message: Posted by: P.T. Murphy (Sep 21, 2007 11:05AM)
The Magic Cabaret has been extended until the end of 2007! We are entering our 5th smash month! This is exciting news for the Chicago magic community.

Every Tuesday night at 8:00 in Chicago's historic Biograph Theater

THE MAGIC CABARET is on the Chicago Reader's list of Highly Recommended shows, Center Stage Chicago’s list of Must-See Theater and the Chicago Tribune-Metromix list of Best Bets!!!

"They’re enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the history of magic Chicago style, and they perform astounding feats of prestidigitation." -- Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader Theater Critic

"Treading the tightrope between illusion and reality, Murphy and Parr make art of magic." -- Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald Critic At Large

"Instead of watching tigers become showgirls across a massive auditorium, the lucky viewers at this show will watch the simply impossible happen in front of their noses." -- Reina Hardy, Center Stage Chicago Theater Critic

Tuesdays, 8:00pm
Victory Gardens Biograph Theater:
2433 North Lincoln Avenue, Second Floor
Chicago, Illinois

Tickets $20, Students and Seniors $15
No one under age thirteen is admitted.

Seating is limited. Call the Victory Gardens Box Office at 773.871.3000
or order tickets online at http://www.magic-cabaret.com
Message: Posted by: benjamin b. (Sep 26, 2007 08:46AM)

Message: Posted by: Tom Dobrowolski (Sep 26, 2007 09:13AM)
GREAT NEWS and Congratulations to Patrick and David ...now I can (hopefully) finally make it out there for one of the shows !!
Message: Posted by: Ronin (Sep 26, 2007 11:19AM)
This really is a wonderful show. Aside from the fact that I enjoyed the show for it's own sake (and that David's a great pal), I think it's a great show for magicians to see as a fine example of style and texture in performance.

David and P.T. have created a show that steps outside the usual, "comedy first" model of magic shows. There is a lot of humor, but much of it is of a more subtle, thoughtful kind. It was great fun for me to watch the very positive reactions of the almost entirely lay audience as they experienced the show.

For those of us who are immersed in magic methods, many of the effects may seem a little "pedestrian". But as an object lesson in scripting and presentation, it's fascinating and lots of fun. As I've noted elsewhere on the Café, I especially admire David's "Lucky Seven" routine for his ingenious reworking of an old classic, and the construction and execution of P.T.'s card to matchbook routine. And it's just great to be in the same room with a bunch of laypeople enjoying an intelligent magic show.

With luck, you guys will extend into 2008, when I next visit Chicago in June!
Message: Posted by: David Parr (Sep 28, 2007 02:27AM)
Tom, if you don't come to see our show, there will be helltopay, do you hear me? HellToupee! David Hirata -- a man of discerning taste, I might add -- lives 1,863 miles away and HE HAS SEEN THE SHOW! I'm warning you, dude. Hel. Two. Pei!

David-Ronin, you are a man of discerning taste. PT and I are currently finalizing a program that will ensure that our audiences are composed mainly of your genetic duplicates. By the end of the year, we hope to bring the Hirata-to-nonHirata ratio of our audiences to approximately 87% Hirata.

And thanks, Benjamin Bee!
Message: Posted by: P.T. Murphy (Sep 28, 2007 04:10PM)
Mr. Hirata is my new favorite flavor of humanity! Hirata for all! (That sounded kinda sexy...I am blushing!)

Tom would it be better if we served hot dogs with the show? Would that get you out?
Message: Posted by: Tom Dobrowolski (Sep 29, 2007 09:57AM)

Hot dogs ....mmmmmm... what a minute? Hebrew National or Vienna ??!!


Hot dogs or not I'll get there. With all this road construction out here it may be easier coming 1,863 miles. Maybe I could fly from Palwaukee airport to O"Hare....have Tim pick me up and ....... hmmmm. - Tom
Message: Posted by: David Parr (Oct 10, 2007 04:51PM)
The Magic Cabaret continues its celebration of the Halloween season!

In the past, many of the games played at Halloween parties were fortune-telling or divination games. In keeping with this tradition, Jan Rose Orleans, Reader of the Tarot, is joining us at The Magic Cabaret throughout the month of October! Jan is a Chicago-based performer whose work includes a focus on mystery entertainment, and she is providing brief and fascinating readings of the cards to visitors before the show and during the intermission. Jan is a delightful person, and her readings are a fun and magical part of our Halloween festivities -- and they can be part of your Halloween festivities too!

More friends are joining us at The Magic Cabaret: On October 16, Charon Henning and Alexander Kensington, sword-swallowers extraordinaire, will be our special guest performers! Charon and her partner Alex have been entertaining audiences at Renaissance fairs and special events across the country, and their tour bus is passing through the Windy City just in time for the Halloween season! Charon Henning has been featured many times on the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel and the History Channel, and this is your chance to see her and Alex in a live performance! Catch an act on the cutting edge, for one show only, on October 16!

The Magic Cabaret is on the Chicago Reader's list of Highly Recommended shows, Center Stage Chicago’s list of Must-See Theater, and is a Tribune-Metromix Best Bet!For tickets and information, call the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater box office at (773) 871-3000 or go to http://www.magic-cabaret.com