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Topic: The Magic Circle Playing cards?
Message: Posted by: DJP (Feb 17, 2003 02:27PM)
Dear all,

I own some Magic Circle playing cards with a black background with the white logo on them, does anyone else have these or know any more about the history of them?

Message: Posted by: Carron (Feb 20, 2003 05:08AM)
Hi dave, my name is tom mccarron I am a member of the young magicians club, the junior section of the Magic Circle.
I also have a deck similar to that one you have, you can purchase them at the Magic Circle, they might have some info @ http://www.themagiccircle.com
Where did you get them from?
Tom :comply:
Message: Posted by: DJP (Feb 27, 2003 06:09AM)
My mum bought them for me at a charity shop and the helpers did not know where they originated from, but I am intrigued to know if they are limited edition or commercial