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Topic: Swords!
Message: Posted by: Carron (Feb 19, 2003 09:08AM)
I am currently buildind a stage routine and i am an amateur fencer and so i know quite a few moves with a sword, thus i want to bring one into my routine on stage, Does anyone know ant tricks for the stage using a large sword?

Tom :bat:
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Feb 19, 2003 09:29AM)
You could perform the "sword through neck", "sword through body", "the assistant suspended from the tip of a sword" (broomstick illusion, there is one on Magicauction.com right now). Further, if you wanted to use a dozen or so swords you could build a “Temple of Benards” type of illusion. Use a few less and do a version of Hans Moretti’s dramatic “Box “illusion. Of course there is the old “Sword Basket” one of the few illusions that can be performed on the street.

A sword could be used for a thin sawing through or for a head chopper.

If you want to do a shocking “geek” type of trick, you could build a ladder of swords.

Oh, I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Feb 20, 2003 04:34AM)
thanks very much, after a little research i found houdini's balancing coin on sword
Thanks again
Tom :comply:
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Feb 21, 2003 08:16AM)
If you do a ball routine you can do the ball on sword, simply use the same set-up as in the ball on silk routine. That is the ball is balanced on the edge of the sword near the hilt and then allowed to roll toward the point and back again. Very, very easy to do.

You could also use two crossed swords as the base of your table. It would look nice.

Then there is the standard card-sword (If Fantiso can gimmick one of his appearing wands to act as a card-sword then any sword can be gimmicked to do the effect). You could even do a card stab with a sword. Toss the cards on the floor and do the stab using the floor in the say way you would use a table.

And on, and on, and on…