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Topic: Chinese Change Masks course
Message: Posted by: magicsiow (Nov 1, 2007 08:04AM)
To all Dear magic Café members

Thanks for many personal email asking my Chinese change masks course and some detail. Since I m busy, I should post it some question at magic Café forum for who are interest about my Chinese change masks course. The reason I share my version because I m interest and starting in others knowledge and industry...and I also believe it can be better and improve version for this art form in future.

1) My change masks performance based from traditional Chinese opera and I did improved and modified it for easy set-up, lowest the performance risks and fast handling.
2) I do have different methods for different levels, traditional version, improve version, up-grade version and advance version.
3) My version right now not same as many change masks artists in market who need to prepare and take longer time before the live show.
4) My course will also teach you how to make a mask for your own in very short time. so you don't like others change masks performer after masks spoil you should need to wait longer time for your master to sell it to you. After the course you will know how fast to make many masks in a day and create as many and design as you can.
5) during the course you will know few methods handling by most artist in the world.
6) here also many members were asking if I can fly to their country to teach them? yes,but you should pay for the air fare and all accommodations. 2nd, you should send me your size of your body, I should customize for you. 3nd, it will take trouble if we need to add somethings but not find out in your country.
7) my country is Malaysia. Beautiful beach and many island you will experience. it is between Singapore and Thailand.
8) if you need to know about the investment fees, it is not cheap I shall mention in advance and you should send email to me magicsiow@yahoo.com or siow@tssiow.com and pls intro yourself and some detail your performance experience. It doesn't say that I wouldn't teach if you are young or new but just a little know about you. I did knew that some masters who didn't have many performance experience, old version and knowledge, had sold for the same price.

you are always welcome!!!