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Topic: Area 51
Message: Posted by: idreamz (Feb 22, 2003 12:23AM)
The preview of Area 51 at downloadmagic.com is really cool. Since it's a video, is it easy to make and do you guys recommend it?

Thanks! :dance:
Message: Posted by: Ben721 (Feb 22, 2003 12:42AM)
I'm pretty sure you get Fearson's hook up with the video, and the video is all worth it for that hook up. You may find the actual Area 51 routine almost impossible to do unless you can control the situation really well. Maybe I am wrong, but I didn't like that routine as much as the floating cigarette routine.
Message: Posted by: idreamz (Feb 22, 2003 12:58AM)
Hmm.. the page says:

In this great routine, a piece of space junk is displayed which lights up and begins to levitate! It passes through a hoop formed by the fingers and finally lands in the performer's pocket! But that's not all! The performer tosses the light out the door or window and it FLIES AWAY!

Flies away? That's quite cool. Is the 'space junk' easy to make and overall, is it good? :bg: ;)
Message: Posted by: grahamk5 (Feb 22, 2003 07:34AM)
I got it but have never used it. It needs some setting up. The final scene can only be done under specific circumstances and you will need to obtain some other items. Not impromptu and wouldn't fancy it close up.
Message: Posted by: eebie376 (Feb 22, 2003 09:40AM)
I love it. Just another IT trick basically, but it has a real cool ending and it looks so much more real (kinda like lite flite...the hook up that is). I highly recommend it to anyone, and yeah, it's easy to make.