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Topic: Match Pulls?
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Nov 11, 2007 04:59PM)
In your experience who makes the most reliable Match Pull?

And what is your failure rate?

I have tried several ( A Jeff McBride Version and someone else's that was similar) and always went back to my lighter.

The other problem that I have found in the Southeast is finding strike anywhere matches.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 11, 2007 05:46PM)

Bring a book of matches with you tomorrow night and I'll show what I use. (I got tired of spending money on what works sometimes.)

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Nov 11, 2007 08:17PM)

I will bring one that I use that is the best I've ever found. They lit the match most of the time. Problem is, I don't know who made them. I've had this one about 20+ years. Maybe if you see it and can describe it, it might help you in your search. You might even find a way to make these. Not that hard to do if you find the right material to make them from.

I also had some that were made from tiny bulldog clips. I found them to be not very reliable.

There are other ways, though. Bob may have the same method that I'd could show you. They take a few seconds longer to set up than the clip gimmicks, but it works.

Box matches are better than book matches. Strike anywheres are not needed, but in either case, you need to use the strike panel from the box (which is more reliable anyway).

The proper tension on the match head is important, as is the speed of the pull. I also set myself up with more than I needed in the act. I always treated the effect as an incidental, so if one failed to light, I just went for another. The idea was to just have a lit match there when you needed it, not the fact that you are spotlighting it as a featured effect. This fact alone can save some embarrassment.

For what it's worth, if I had to have something lit, I always had a lighter handy as a backup.

Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Nov 11, 2007 09:46PM)

Good to see you back and posting. We have missed you. Now there is another pro posting besides Bob. (LOL)

David W.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Nov 11, 2007 11:37PM)
Hi David,

I've been here, but dabbling in other forums for various reasons. Sometimes I post only when I have something to say. Tonight is obviously different. I've been running my mouth all over the board. LOL.

Message: Posted by: Nedim (Nov 12, 2007 03:48AM)
I think the best match pull is made by Tony Clark. You must try his item.

magicially yours,

Nedim Guzel
Message: Posted by: stuartmagic (Nov 12, 2007 05:32AM)
I have always found it best to make my own but what ever method you use here is a little tip. Always use two matches together , simply wedge the non- striking ends into a very small piece of plastic tube to hold them together. Don't make the mistake of trying to glue two together , this is the quickest and best way.

Now when you use a match pull you will be able to get a better grip on the match and also there is a larger striking surface of the match itself. This gives a better chance against failure of the match lighting. If it does fail ( for me this happens about 1 in 30 times or less !) simply have a piece of striking match surface stuck to the top or side of your table so that it can be used as a back up.

Hope this helps

Stuart Brown
British Magical Champion
Of Stage Manipulation 2007
Message: Posted by: graywolf (Nov 12, 2007 05:41AM)
I use Vito Lupo's..Howard
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Nov 12, 2007 08:54AM)
I use one I modified that was made in India. It works very well. I only thing I did was put and extra rubber band around it.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Nov 12, 2007 08:59AM)

That is the best advice for this I have heard. Thanks!

Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Nov 12, 2007 12:36PM)
Yes, the two that I have used are based on the bulldog clip and were very unreliable.

I second Michael Baker on the advice from Stuart.

I will see Bob & Michael tonight at our Andy Dallas lecture and let you know how it goes.
Message: Posted by: illusions & reality (Nov 12, 2007 01:31PM)
A Bulldog clip doesn't allow enough striking surface on a consistent basis.

I have used Tony Clark's for years with no problems at all. I ALWAYS have a back-up pull ready for every match that I need. Even if the match lights well, it is possible for it to blow out from where you initially produce to moving it to the item to be lit. Hence the back-up pulls.

Also, in ANY match pull, make sure that you are using good striking paper. If the striking paper has been used too much, there is no longer enough friction for the match to light. I have bought large sheets of this paper from Dan Birch in the past at a very reasonable price.

Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: jasanchez (Nov 13, 2007 02:41PM)
I use Dan birch's