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Topic: coins across
Message: Posted by: hobbymagic (Feb 15, 2002 01:03PM)
Any suggestions for a non-gimmic coins across that is done in the hands (no coins to a table).
Message: Posted by: Joe M. Turner (Feb 15, 2002 01:12PM)
Again, I refer interested parties to Paul Cummins' wonderful coin magic video, "Up in Smoke." He has a great in-the-hands coins across routine as well as a lot of other great coin magic.
Message: Posted by: Fredrick (Feb 15, 2002 02:21PM)
If you are working one-on-one, there is a coins across routine in one of Paul Harris' early books that just looks great to the assistant. Apologies, but I can't recall which book.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Feb 15, 2002 03:13PM)
The Paul Harris Effect is called "PDQ" from his Art of Astonishment series.

The Paul Cummins effect "Underhanded Coins Across" reminds me very much of "PDQ" done with palm up display's instead of palm down ones. I too echo Joe's statements regarding Paul Cummins' video.

David Stone performed an effect called "One Way" on his Coin Magic volume 2 video. This is based on a Gary Kurtz routine and is a coins across to a spectator's hand routine using ungimmicked coins. You may like this routine as well.
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Feb 15, 2002 05:51PM)
You may wish to try Greg Wilson's 3/4 across on his video "On the Spot". I like Paul Harris's PDQ very much, it is in Book 2 of AOA.
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Feb 15, 2002 08:28PM)
Check out Chris Kenners book "Out of Control". In it is a gem called OOSPCA. (Only One Shuttle Pass Coins Accross) It is a 4 coins from hand to hand routine. But only uses 1 (count 'em) 1 shuttle pass. And still all 4 coins travel. 1 move! It's a killer!

ps...this book is full of other great items as well. I would recommend it to you, but then you will be performing stuff that I do! ...oohhh competition.
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Feb 16, 2002 12:13AM)
The coins across that I do is a mixture of Harris's "PDQ" and Richard Sanders' "My Cupped Hands Runneth Over". Both are very effective coins across routines using the great Hang Ping Chien Move.
Message: Posted by: Abacus (Feb 17, 2002 05:14AM)
I use Ammar's "simple coins across" from his coin magic dvd. Its not fancy, but its simple and easy. You couldn't trick a magician but its good enough for the average joe. No back palms, no shuttle passes, just needs to be smooth.

Message: Posted by: Chris Becker (Feb 17, 2002 07:04AM)
I use a combination of David Roth's copper/silver (vol. 3) and some sleeving I learned from Cloutier's video.

That's just a copper/silver transposition which climaxes with a transposition in the hands of the spectator. It's one of the most unexplainable effects I do for laymen.

As for a four-coins-across-routine it's more improvisation but no doubt shuttle and click passes as well as sleeving come in handy. If you're interested, I shall explain two quite practical moves for the first and second coin that goes across; Just email me.

I very, very highly recommend Roth's tapes, they are an encyclopedia and though sometimes the moves are not explained in all detail you can learn a h**l-of a lot from them.
Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Feb 17, 2002 09:19AM)
Jay Sankey's Mr Clean Coins Across is by far my favorite. If you're into coins and haven't got his new vid, The Revolutionary coin magic of Jay Sankey, you're definitely missing something. :cyclops:
Message: Posted by: Davro (Feb 17, 2002 04:37PM)
Had some good reactions with Daryls 3fly
Message: Posted by: Thomas Wayne (Feb 17, 2002 09:54PM)
Larry Jennings' "Standing Three Eagles".

Thomas Wayne
Message: Posted by: Ben7217 (Feb 17, 2002 11:28PM)
Flying Eagles. It's in BoBo's, it's good. Also if you know just some simple sleights you can do many coins across. Shuttle pass, click pass and even just a stantard vanish can get you places. Oh well hope I helped.
Message: Posted by: korneille (Feb 18, 2002 07:00PM)
I personally like Dan Sylvesters version in his video Sylvester-pitch 98 :pirate:
Message: Posted by: Bird Brain (Feb 21, 2002 10:22PM)
I have Paul Wilson's Video "Knock 'Em Dead", and that has a coins across type effect...I guess it's similar to 3-fly....I ain't sure, cuz I've never seen 3-fly. ANYway, it's called "Crowded Coins", and it's really nice, AND pretty easy to do! Well, I haven't done it for anyone yet, but it doesn't have a bunch of hard sleights.

Bird Brain
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Feb 22, 2002 08:21AM)
"Crowded Coins" is Paul's 3 Fly routine, so yes you have seen a 3 fly routine now :banana:

And a very good version at that.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Mar 1, 2002 06:50PM)
You might try my Backhanded coins across.
It's on the coinpurse site. http://www.coinmagic.com

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer