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Topic: Review: Mike Gallo Ball & Vase DVD with props
Message: Posted by: Don Sautter (Nov 14, 2007 02:39PM)
I have read several threads on themagiccafe about the Gallo Ball & Vase routine but I never found an actual review. I purchased this a couple months back and decided to share my thoughts on it. If there is another review out there – my apologies. I searched and searched but did not locate it.

Review: Mike Gallo Ball & Vase DVD with props

“Mike Gallo Ball & Vase DVD with props” $36.00
There is a demo video available through the above link.


Featured on this DVD is one of Mike's most Prized effects. THE BALL AND VASE has been a staple in hundreds of magic kits for years. Mike has taken it to a new level. Anyone who knows about a ball and vase will have their heads spinning and their jaws dropping!


You will also learn 2 more effects that makes Michael a sought after performer and lecturer throughout the US:
o The Pocket Counterfeiter - A 4 coin production from a purse frame
o Another Wild Coin - The classic Wild Coin Plot with the Gallo-esque touches.

Running Time Approximately 31min


(The demo video does a great job showing the entire routine)
The performer presents a classic plastic ball & vase to his audience and proceeds to dump the ball from the vase on to the table a couple of times only to show that the ball has magically returned to the vase each time.

The performer then places the ball in his pocket and it again magically returns to the vase.

To further the effect, the performer brings out a different colored ball and causes it to switch places with the ball inside the vase.

Finally the performer produces a walnut from the vase that could not possibly have fit inside.

The performer is clean at the end of the effect and the audience can examine the props if desired.


Very simple slights are involved for most of the routine. Even a relative beginner would be able to get these down with reasonable practice. Mr. Gallo does a great job explaining how to perform the slights and is careful to show the camera many angles on how to hold the vase and how to perform the slights.

His explanation is simple and direct. Mr. Gallo made many great points on how your hands should be held and the timing of the final load and other moves.

Once the props are set-up in your pockets, they reset immediately. After you perform you are pre-set for the next performance. This is especially great for a walk-around setting.


The DVD comes with a plastic ball & vase and the balls that you need to perform. You have to supply your own walnut for the final load. I unfortunately had to buy an entire bag of them – but this let me pick out the best looking one in the bunch.

One challenge with the props I received is differentiating between the different colored balls by feel alone. This is necessary for part of the routine, so I am seeking out a replacement ball. This is not a deal breaker however – and I would not allow it to detract from the quality of the effect.

I believe the DVD is worth the price. When you see the reactions from those you are entertaining – I believe you will agree with me.


There is some mystique in using a very cheap prop that so many have seen before in children’s magic sets in this effect. The effect is quite strong and in my opinion the audience quickly forgets about the prop itself. Some people think they know the secret until you start performing in such a way that they are surprised – this is always fun.

Some may want to invest in a better set of props – I know there are a couple nice pieces at RNT2 ( http://www.rnt2.com/productlist.aspx?categoryno=BV&newcategory=Y ). They have one crafted out of Cocobolla and another out of Palm Wood. They look gorgeous and would be a great companion to the effect. (My wish list grew when I found that link!)

There are also 2 other effects included on the DVD. They are nice coin effects but they require skills that I do not posses yet. I think others who are more advanced in their coin work would find them to be very valuable.


This is a great DVD. The routine is taught thoroughly and is direct. I believe the ball & vase routine is worth the price of the DVD and the other effects just top it off. Don’t get me wrong – you will not have hours of instruction here – I think the whole thing tops out at just over 30 minutes for all 3 effects, but you will get a solid routine that will be relatively easy to pick up and add to your repertoire. The props are small so it is easy to carry with you when you wish and it gives great reactions.
Message: Posted by: Keith Mitchell (Dec 6, 2007 10:28PM)
I just saw this DVD and I was surprised that there was only one short Ball and Vase routine and two other tricks with coins. The title of the DVD made me assume that it would show more than one routine with the Ball and Vase, but no, it was about three unrelated tricks.

I have paid $35 for other magic DVDs and for that price they usually come with many routines that are right on topic. The Mike Gallo presents Ball and Vase for $36 with props was overpriced in my opinion. I was not happy with it at all.
Message: Posted by: maharajademagia (Oct 13, 2012 04:19PM)
The above link is not working to see the work and I found the following on the Tube so I am posting it. I don't have the DVD but after seeing this I am not inspired either.

Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Oct 13, 2012 05:56PM)
I had it, but didn't care for it.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Oct 18, 2012 06:18AM)
Gallo frys both laymen and magicians alike with this routine. In this day on one trick DVDs, you are getting exactly that - one trick. But this is a practical, real life routine that brings gasps when performed, and in my mind, is worth the price of the DVD alone. and on top of that, the coin tricks are wonderful. Pocket Counterfiter is one of Mike's staples, and I have said before that it was one of my favorite routines of Mikes when I saw him perform it back in the 80s. it is a time tested routine.