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Topic: RSVP: Would you want this for your act? & What would you pay to have this?
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Nov 28, 2007 10:42PM)
Hey Guys!

Please respond to the below two questions after you read the effect OK?

-Would you want this for your act?
-What would you pay to have this?

It’s not mine, but it may come on the market next year if there is enough interest.

An Impossible Vertical Levitation! “Like an angelic being, standing by the magician’s side, your lovely assistant mysteriously soars vertically into the air, and with no earthly means of support hovers about two-feet airborne, then gracefully descends once again to the stage floor.”

This a truly impossible vertical-style levitation, it is simple and elegant, in construction and in performance, and different from any other levitation currently on the market.

Due to it’s innovative design it is totally portable and extremely compact, able to fit in the backseat or trunk of the smallest car or taxi, and weighs under twenty-five pounds total. Yet, this is NOT a mere suspension, but a levitation where your assistant actually rises and descends!

This method will become the cornerstone effect for touring acts, cruise-line entertainers, corporate performers -any savvy performance artist, and add a huge perceived-value to your banquet shows, without those heavy load-ins, time consuming set-ups, or truck rentals.

All the components included have been designed with great precision, manufactured with carefully selected materials, and professionally assembled to ensure the utmost safety, stability, and ease of mobility. All the action is smooth and graceful, with none of the jumpy movements, hesitation, or uncertainty of mechanical methods.

If you are familiar with other portable suspensions and levitations, you’ll be overjoyed to know there is NO need for boards, boxes, supports, bases, or backdrops with our equipment, everything is freestanding and self-contained. There are none of the traditional wires or threads above, nor any connections from the sides. Most surprisingly there are NO mechanical or electrical, NO pneumatic or hydraulic parts, which could wear out or break-down in performance!

In Performance: A light silken-cloth or foulard is whisked up in front of your assistant as she stands by your side, when the cloth is partially lowered, she begins to rise straight up about two-feet off the floor, everything is visible under and over the cloth, her head now over seven-feet above the ground! The cloth may be swept away leaving her jawdroppingly suspended with no visible support, as the cloth is again held before her, she drifts back to the floor and is free to walk off stage as you take your bows!

The method allows for an eerie, unearthly effect, almost as if she were being lifted by angelic powers, and her decent is just as smooth and seamless, of course your presentation may of the more spooky variety if you prefer daemons to do your bidding.

Please Note: This equipment is designed for the professional entertainer, and not for the novice or hobbyist who wants push-button props. This is a hard-hitting presentation that will push the performer’s creative limits and need the cooperation of an agile, graceful assistant. The deceptive aspects and effective performance depend on how much time and effort you and your partner are willing to invest in the mastering of the illusion, with collaborative rehearsal and an understanding of each person’s role, the smooth execution of the sequence of moves will provide your audiences with a breathtaking experience. This is the kind of illusion which sets the pros apart from the amateur performer.

With a little creative imagination this piece of professionally designed and fabricated “utility equipment” may be used in several other ways as well, opening up the possibility of her rotating in mid-air up to 360 degrees, or even being suspended horizontally off the stage floor, it may be combined with other methods to easily stage an appearance of vanish to “bookend” the levitation. The uses for this revolutionary prop are limited only by the imagination of the performer who invests his time and creative energy in it.

To guarantee the integrity of this method for professional entertainers, each unit will be custom fabricated and only a small run will be available for sale, therefore please expect a three-to-five week interval before shipping.

The surprisingly low price for a practical illusion of this quality is just $XXXX U.S.D., including a sturdy travel case, and the correct foulard, and your shipping is included in the contiguous United States.
Message: Posted by: JoyJoy (Nov 29, 2007 07:48AM)
Is it something like that?
Message: Posted by: sly2272 (Nov 29, 2007 08:13AM)
Thought it was already for sale.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Nov 29, 2007 08:15AM)
Sounds interesting and has me intrigus to at leats look into it further. I like the protability aspect of it and the ease of load in and out. However I would want to know more about the following:

- Is there any or could there be any video footage of the illusion in action or photos. This way I could get a sense for how it appears to the audience perspective and how the illusion plays out

- How are the angles on the illusion

- What type of lighting has to be used for this. could it be done on say a festival or fair stage and in daylight setting? I ask because my wife and I do a lot of festival and fair type shows.

- How much surrounded can people be when watching this?

- Is there a safe weight limit for this?

These are just some general thoughts I had at first. I may have more but this does seem interesting and I would like to learn more.

Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Nov 29, 2007 09:53AM)
As long as I don't have to wear anything on my body for the rest of my show, I would want to have, this, too.
Message: Posted by: BSutter (Nov 29, 2007 10:08AM)
On 2007-11-29 10:53, Lou Hilario wrote:
As long as I don't have to wear anything on my body for the rest of my show, I would want to have, this, too.

Oh boy, another naked magician.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Nov 29, 2007 10:10AM)
Now that is just disturbing. lol Now I have to go and scrub my brain. Thanks BSutter. lol

Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Nov 29, 2007 11:24AM)
Hi JoyJoy, Kyle, and all-

There is a prototype of this equipment made, but not the final piece as described above.
So the working and effect is far smoother and from the audience perspective than the clip you saw which was something impromptu, and frankly sloppily shot.

I think there will be a quality video released when and if it goes into production, but the inventor is wondering if there is a market for this, that would make it worthwhile to make them (it’s not easy and it’s expensive) and if there are people who would be willing to invest their money to have something of this caliber.

This is a platform/stage illusion so the angles are very good there, but it is not an impromptu street thing, so you need a traditional audience view of the effect, I would not want to try it surrounded, but that’s not what it was intended for, it’s not street magic.

It does not require any special lighting or anything else fx, so could easily be done at a fair or festival in daylight.

It is a very sturdy prop, so my *guess* is it would safely support a full grown woman, most assistants are in the 110 to 140 pound range, it would not break, but I would not levitate a 180 pound male in a show.

Neither the magician nor the assistant need to wear anything or have props stuck to their bodies, just like any high quality levitation, the equipment is not connected to people, this is not an Icarus style thing.

This would be an expensive piece to put into production, and I feel he might be better off limiting it to a few professional performers, it looks that good, but the inventor feels it may be a workable alternative for stage performers in general.

Thanks for your comments thus far,
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 17, 2007 09:17PM)

Actually, I will answer many of your questions.

This will hold 200 pounds, and there is video on youtube.

The angles are comparable to any of the common unattached suspensions on the market, such as Blaney's, Klamm's, or any others. In some instances, depending on conditions, even better.

Do a search for Magellan Witch Levitation

This is an incredible concept, and it keeps getting better.

At this time, the Magellan Solo is being added to the Magellan 'line'. Please see this description of the concept.


Thanks for your interest, and please feel free to contact me with questions and acquisition inquiries.

Jimmy Fingers
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Dec 18, 2007 01:40AM)
Hi Jimmy,

The "Magellan Witch Levitation" is advertised for sale on your web pages, with a price and shipping.

Is this the same as Spellbinder outlines above?

The "cover" in the video seems to take rather longer than one might expect. Is such a "long" set up necessary?

Are both the assistant and magician rendered "immobile" before and after the levitation as in the video? (This looks like something similar in concept to the "Saturn Levitation")
Message: Posted by: Kyle^Ravin (Dec 18, 2007 07:55AM)
Doesn't the Saturn Levitation do almost the same?? Unless it can beat that price I'd like to get it. And I agree with Hilario...as long as I don't have to wear somethin crazy!
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 18, 2007 10:07AM)

To answer both of your questions, I'll start with first questions first.

Yes, the Magellan Witch Levitation is what Walt is talking about above.

The long setup in the video is due to the assistant being very unathletic and clumsy, to some degree. With her physical condition, she was just not easily rehearsed and worked with. With practice, I feel that the positioning can be attained almost instantly. Just not with someone who has the health problems that the assistant in the video had. Please understand, the girl in the video could barely get off of a couch after several surgeries, and she was really wanting to help Maritess and I out. That being said, if I'm not mistaken, she was also reasonably under the influence of painkillers at the time.

Being rendered 'immobile' after the trick? It depends on what you consider immobile. Every magician that I've shown this to has a different take on getting into position and getting out of position, in other words, the center of the stage. No matter what I propose, all of them have said, "What if...?"

That's the type of gimmick that this is. It's doing a truckload, $7,000 trick, but with a gimmick that will fit into a large suitcase. I load my whole show and sound system in the trunk of the smallest hatchback sold in America. Including THIS! Without the seats folded down!

You and your assistant/wife/significant other can fly to your next gig and present an illusion worthy of a huge price, without having to worry about shipping or huge props. With the Magellan Solo, you'll be able to go it alone.

Of course, my hope is that once you have the Witch, you'll want the Solo for emergencies when she might not be available.

This is nothing even close to the Yogano Saturn. This is a utility gimmick that will have many uses, such as levitation, descent, potentially a horizontal suspension, a production from nowhere. If one feels that the production from nowhere is a reach, understand that one of the most popular productions being sold at this time uses a similar principle. I've spoken with the creator of the other production effect, and he was not at all concerned that our ideas were mechanically similar in some ways, because we are using them in such different ways. We just found it to be funny that the props were so close in concept. I wasn't aware of it until I was actually already tinkering with that ides using this.

I'm not sure what Saturns are going for, but the artistic and movement possibilities of this for a well choreographed, creative act have unlimited potential.

Upon checking the Tilford site, the Yogano Saturn is roughly 4 times the price of the Magellan gimmicks.

The gimmick is not worn on the body, like the Yogano one in the video where he staggers around on the beach, or walks on with a saxophone so the movement looks natural.

Every magician that I've shown this to has a different idea about how to use it or how to get into position. More and more creative ways of getting into position before and getting away after will be created with every performer. If you have a curtain on the stage, there would be no problem, and there are several ways and incidental places that the prop can be 'stolen' from and 'ditched' to. Although not totally necessary, each person seems to have their own ideas about this.

That is the difficulty with real, organic magic that has no visible props sitting on the stage. No visible boxes, bases, tables, etc. This is a lady floating, rising, levitating upwards and rotating. If you compare it to the Yogano Saturn, it is obvious to the observant magician what the table is for. Here, we have no table.

Thanks for your interest, and please feel free to ask questions,

Jimmy Fingers
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 18, 2007 10:17AM)
By the way... A magician's inquiry mentioned Bill Siros' suspension, where there are quite a bit of issues mentioned in the previous posts, but I won't be specific.

Walter Blaney, Bill Siros, Bill Palmer (another floating lady expert), Gene de Jean (Shiva) and myself... We're all Houstonians!!!

Some people think that there's something in the water down here, but we know that there's actually something in the air!

Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Dec 18, 2007 10:24AM)
Thank you Jimmy for your informative responses. This helps a lot.

What is the turn around on production?
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 18, 2007 10:42AM)
These depend on my builder's availability, but we're looking at January 1st, '08.

'08... Oh, wait!

There should be plenty of time before your February rehearsals.

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 18, 2007 10:53AM)
These will be ready in 12 days?
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 18, 2007 11:30AM)
Brotha Slim, what causes you to venture outside of the Pennythought realm? I thought that I was the only mentalist that would resort to cheap stage theatricks!

In response to your question, not ready to ship immediately. At this time, these are built to order. The turnaround should be 2-4 weeks.

I don't want to do a long run until there is enough of a demand to justify the creation of jigs and storage.

However, custom fabrication isn't too much of a problem with this gimmick. But, I wouldn't want to have to do it, myself. It requires a master craftsman and an extensive knowledge of materials.

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 18, 2007 01:15PM)
For more than ten years I've had a group called Slim King's Carnival. Due to all of the Blues Brothers work it has been on the back burner for several years. It featured Magic and Music in a Mardi Gras setting.
The new corporate version of the show now has more that 30 performers. All top notch. The best musicians in Florida and many performers from Cirque have all been rounded up for the Celebration! The sound guy from The House of Blues and the number one event coordinator/producer from Disney is on board. Of course all the folks at Universal are involved too! I am adding appearances for the three lead singers and the CEO if needed. This sounded like something that might be quick, small and portable to spice up the menu a bit... Is that true? :)
I will also have Jim Callahan as a Master Magician/Paranormalist, when he has the time and energy :)
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 18, 2007 01:53PM)
This would be perfect for what you're talking about!

In fact, since your staging seems to have the adequate resources, lighting, arrangement, etc, and in the right setting, with the right costuming and placement, this could be used as one of your appearances, as well.

Contact me for more details.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Dec 18, 2007 02:02PM)
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 18, 2007 04:31PM)
Please, Pete, I hope that you're not implying that there is any similarity between contrived CA tv hoaxes and the Magellan levitations.

This is completely different. It's a one-man, low-tech, design heavy, workable, real world solution for an unreal effect.

Okay, we both use trained assistants, but I'm not claiming that mine wasn't...

On 2007-12-18 15:02, Pete Biro wrote:
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Dec 18, 2007 06:40PM)
Maybe I'm missing something, but if the video is of the actual illusion, then I'm disappointed. My idea of a levitation is "walk in and levitate" (ignoring, of course, the obligatory dancing). Something on the order of the John Gabriel Double Levitation on the World's Greatest Magic, for example.

I realize we're talking orders of magnitude, price- and preparation-wise, but to me anything that involves this much preparatory activity and "business" defeats the purpose of illusion in general. Maybe once it is rehearsed and re-videoed it will better represent what it is supposed to be.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 18, 2007 09:42PM)
On 2007-12-18 15:02, Pete Biro wrote:
What's that all about? I'm confused.
Corporate presentations are always different. Many Hotel Grand Ballrooms have little to utilize in the way of lighting. That's the biggest problem with Corporate as I see it. Sound, costumes and the rest are much easier to deal with. If you are at a venue such as The House of Blues or The Hard Rock ... then lighting is much better.
Flying stuff in Ballrooms sucks!
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (Dec 29, 2007 09:36PM)
Thanks to Jeff McBride for being our first customer of the standard Magellan Witch Levitation, as seen on the video listed in the topic above.

His insight and commitment to the art of magic are unparalleled, and his gracious support is truly appreciated by all involved with this project. His innovative spirit makes him the pioneer in simple, beautiful COMMANDO-style magic. This transaction exemplifies a perfect union of performer and concept.

Jimmy Fingers
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Dec 30, 2007 12:13AM)

If you can record a better demo, you will sell more units.

Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Dec 30, 2007 12:21AM)
I keep looking at this but all I see is the girl standing...
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Dec 30, 2007 12:43PM)
On 2007-12-30 01:21, magicofCurtis wrote:
I keep looking at this but all I see is the girl standing... [/quote]

Same here. This person who posted this topic told me not to buy this prop. Told me to shut up and stop fishing.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Dec 30, 2007 06:50PM)
If you'd like a better video, just send me the prop and I'll get one of the Rockette's from the Macy's Parade and shoot one here in Orlando :)
The Candy Cane girls look nice too, but they are already 10 feet tall :)
Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Dec 30, 2007 09:19PM)
On 2007-12-30 13:43, Lou Hilario wrote:
On 2007-12-30 01:21, magicofCurtis wrote:
I keep looking at this but all I see is the girl standing...

Same here. This person who posted this topic told me not to buy this prop. Told me to shut up and stop fishing.

FUNNY, I got an email stating I gave away the secret by stating my viewpoint and I caused them grief and this trick fools magicians and I ruined it for them....

So this raises the question::::::::::::::: HOW many were fooled by the video?