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Topic: Coin Bite Rubber Bands
Message: Posted by: bennorthenor (Dec 2, 2007 08:41PM)
Where would I get more rubber bands for my coin bite? It looks like the rubber bands you use for braces. Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: Chad Barnard (Dec 2, 2007 08:43PM)
Not to be a smart arse, but you answered your own question.
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Dec 2, 2007 10:41PM)
Yep...Dental bands. Visit a local Orthodontist and ask the receptionist for some. The ones I get are called "Louie" and are 5/16" (7.9MM) size. I also keep them in the refrigerator and they last a LONG time.

They'll usually just give them to you. That's where I get mine and I have never even had braces.

Mark. :bg:
Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Dec 2, 2007 11:29PM)
If you don't have a dentist to supply you just about all the magic shops (on-line and B&M) sell them for about 2 bucks for packet full!
Message: Posted by: Chad Barnard (Dec 3, 2007 07:55AM)
Wal-mart as well.
Message: Posted by: danielellis_5 (Dec 6, 2007 02:53PM)
I bought about 50 for 1 at my magic shop so just look aroung on the internet.I think penguin magic do them but I'm not 100% sure

Message: Posted by: bennorthenor (Dec 6, 2007 05:46PM)
Thank you everyone!!!!
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Dec 6, 2007 09:40PM)
You're welcome!

Mark. :)
Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Dec 7, 2007 12:00AM)
Remember to use two.
Message: Posted by: bennorthenor (Dec 8, 2007 04:58PM)
Use two rubber bands? Really?
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Dec 8, 2007 05:27PM)
Otherwise your teeth will end up crooked.
Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Dec 8, 2007 05:33PM)
[quote]On 2007-12-08 17:58, bennorthenor wrote:
Use two rubber bands? Really?[/quote]
Really, if they'll fit into the groove. They're much less likely to break.

(I read this somewhere - a standard reference I'm certain - but I cannot recall where.)
Message: Posted by: KOTAH (Dec 16, 2007 10:10AM)
THese bands are also used as tension bands for eye glass bows, Your optomitrist should be able to provide them, While you're at your dentist, ask for some dental dams; used for well known visible coin penetration.