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Topic: "retake"
Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Dec 7, 2007 09:49AM)

A revamp of the classic levitating pencil.
Message: Posted by: Ron Slater (Dec 7, 2007 07:21PM)
Probably not a stand alone effect, but a nice opener. Good job friend.

Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Dec 7, 2007 08:59PM)
Yes, I think it would be a cool closing effect to a routine.
Message: Posted by: Ron Slater (Dec 7, 2007 11:14PM)
Hm, I'm not sure I would recommend a closer. Much like a comedy act, your closer should be much stronger than its predecessors, in most cases. It should be something that wraps up your routine, or offers a climax to the act. I wouldn't ever perform PK Pencil for example, and then close with your pencil effect. Your effect would not be remembered and if so would not compare to the reactions you'd get from the preceeding PK pencil effect. However, open with your pencil effect shows that, strange things can occur, the pencil sticks to your hand. But lets see what else it can do. Proceed with any other effect of higher WOW value, not necessarily another pencil effect but that was an example.

Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Dec 8, 2007 12:01AM)
Fantastic! I agree with the others that it is more suited to an opening effect to draw the curiosity of the audience, before on to heavier hitting effects. Very well done.
Message: Posted by: John Heggie (Dec 8, 2007 05:48AM)
Very nice.

Thanks for sharing.

Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Dec 8, 2007 01:43PM)
Thanks for the feedback guys. I see what you mean about it being an opener. Anyone else?
Message: Posted by: Ron Slater (Dec 9, 2007 01:38AM)
I'm all about supporting young magicians, I'm only 24 myself. What I'd love to see next Ethan is a routine built. You have a creation, Great! Youv'e perfected it up to standards, Great! The next step is to apply it. Since this is a brief opener, what else can we add to it? I can't answer that because I don't know what magic you like to perform. What would be a nice follow up in your opinion? There are plenty of pen/pencil effects.

Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Dec 9, 2007 12:01PM)
Thanks Ron, I am working it into a routine, the next trick in the routine is instead of using a pencil, I'll use a pen, and do my version of "recapped".
Message: Posted by: Y2John (Dec 9, 2007 12:40PM)

That looked pretty good and I agree with the comments on maybe sing it as an opener of sorts.
Something that would be pretty cool would be if when your other hand is removed, if there was some way to make the pencil less static... like if you waved your hand slightly, the pencil would stay in place but your hand would move up and down it... kinda.

Not sure if that's possible, but an idea.

Anyway nice lil effect you got there.
Message: Posted by: Ron Slater (Dec 9, 2007 01:00PM)
Ethan, sounds good to me. Just curious are you into PK effects? I only ask because the nature of your effect is a pen that sticks. So I'm thinking if it sticks then you could follow up with moving it around. Then perhaps a vanish of some sort for a climax ending. Your routine would be a pen that levitates/sticks, then moves mysteriously, and finally vanishes all together. I'd be very entertained as a spectator to see so much come from one ordinary object. I do like the recapped idea though.

Message: Posted by: Ethan the emazing (Dec 9, 2007 01:07PM)
Hmmmm... I've never done a PK pen effect, but good idea, maybe I'll work on it, and try to get it so it could do that. Thanks for the ideas.