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Topic: Moving Candle by Hardini
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Feb 26, 2003 09:36AM)
The Moving Candle by Hardini (Die wandernde Kerze)

One of the classic effects that always entertains!
A signed borrowed bill is burned by "mistake" and then appears out from another place; a lemon, wallet etc.
Very exclusive and all mechanical, easy to do and needs no assistance.
Very intricate craftmanship that will serve you for many years to come.
Itís made by Mahogany and Brass.

This effect is very funny and entertaining, its makes them laugh.
I have done my own routine with a flawless switch of the signed borrowed bill.
After seeing Ted Lesley great Teleport Envelopes I think I should adapt
that prop to The Moving Candle routine.
The only thing thatís needs some practise is the switch of the bill.
I think itís possible to do a routine without a sign bill, and then you donít need to do a switch.
When the candle start moves smoothly it looks very funnyÖ
The candle can be examined before and after the effect, closely!
This is a prop thatís very useful and effective for your magic show.
When the candle starts to move just play that you not are aware of the moving candle,
thatís why it makes it so funny. Have seen similar effect on the market, the tilting candle etc. but this is the best version I think. The slow moving Candle is extremely visual and entertaining. It canít go wrong this piece of magic.

HARDINI Qualitštsfabrikate
TŲnning, Germany