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Topic: I could use some encouragement...
Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Dec 17, 2007 07:38AM)
I'm down in the dumps right now which is inching it's way closer to panic. I've had a lot of serious medical problems over the past couple of years, and the company that I was working for (software engineer) moved the project to India, and California. I've been looking for a job but have been unsuccessful, and my unemployment benefits have run out. I've applied for disability, but that's going to take a while to process.

I could use some good cheer, a winning lottery ticket, or better yet, a job.

In the past I haven't had much trouble finding a job. Part of my problems this time are due to my specializing in something that isn't in that high demand around here, and likely my age (I'm 53), why hire that old guy when we can get someone fresh out of school.

You guys are really great and prayers and good feelings will really help.

Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Dec 18, 2007 03:54AM)
Hang in there my friend, there is a light at the end of the tunnell.

Sometimes it is hard to see, but rest assured, that this too shall pass!
Message: Posted by: Mr. Mystoffelees (Dec 18, 2007 04:20PM)

Not a good time of the year to be down, man. Don't let it happen!

First, if you work for (or are) a softward engineer, you have good mind. Second, if you enjoy magic you have a great hobby (maybe even a second career!). Third, if you are having serious medical problems, you are in the right spot to get them fixed.

When I was about your age, I was right where you seem to be. It has taken a few years, and 3 rather serious surgeries, but I feel great right now, thanks to USA docs! The hardest part for me was not giving up. I had help.

When I was right at the point of no return, my best friend called and chewed me out royally! "get tough... what kind of man are you..." all those sort of challenges. It worked!

Marty- whichever way life takes us, it's all just a matter of attitude! WE decide, and if we can beat down the despair and feel strength moving thru our body (think of Popeye after that awful spinach) we have such a better chance of happiness and success!

Like rowdymagi5 said, hang in there, it WILL pass. Much, much faster, however, if you INSIST on a positive, forceful attitude! Good luck!!!!
Message: Posted by: TCG438 (Dec 19, 2007 05:46AM)
You are in my thoughts and prayers Marty.
I promise things will get better.
Message: Posted by: TCG438 (Dec 19, 2007 05:46AM)
You are in my thoughts and prayers Marty.
I promise things will get better.
Message: Posted by: bugjack (Dec 19, 2007 11:10PM)
Dear Marty,

This is a terrible time of year to be down -- I wish you the best and hope that things improve. I'd try to edge yourself away from the panic feeling, resolve to make a fresh push on things after the New Year, and try not to stress out over the holidays. Perhaps as a software engineer you can market yourself as a freelancer if the full-time job is not on the horizon. In any case, wishing you the best.


Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Dec 20, 2007 01:45AM)
Thanks for the encouragement folks. I knew I could depend on you!

The feelings of panic are subsiding, I've gotten some things under control.

I'm caught in a classic catch-22 (I'm going to have re-read that) where I want a job, but in order to get a job you need experience. I've tried to sell myself as willing to exchange compensation for opportunity, but most folks seem to just say "Over qualified".

If the weather was nicer I might try to hit the streets, but with the recent snow storms in this area, it's going to be a while before Busking is reasonable.

So, I'm looking for small jobs and will do a little bit of web development and sell myself as a webmaster...

Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: BAH1313 (Dec 20, 2007 09:11AM)
Hey Marty, somebody with your experience in computers could do a phenominal job with web design and management.

OK fellas, who here needs some work done?!

I know my website is in a state of need and will be PM ing Marty for some much needed help...