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Topic: when to do magic
Message: Posted by: bg (Feb 28, 2003 06:42AM)
When is it appropriate to do magic to some one who doesn't know you're a magi? Is it rude to ask some one if they want to see a trick?
I'd be interested to hear how you bring up magic to people in your everyday life.

Thanks, Brian :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: lkdip (Feb 28, 2003 02:51PM)
Just carrying a deck of cards around doing cuts and such, will get people's attention. Hot Shot cut is always an attention getter.
Upon noticing you handle cards well they'll often ask you if you "know any tricks" then you have an open invite to amaze. as far as just asking I don't think it is rude because they can always say no. :dance:
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Feb 28, 2003 09:06PM)
I like to walk around the local flea markets and do tricks--the people are usually not in a hurry and there are lots of kids around. I usually have something quick to get someone's attention.

For example: I'll go up to someone with two dice and say, "excuse me, could you help me with something", then ask them how many dots they see and then make them change when I flip them over. They usually look at me with a "wow" expression and I ask if they would like to see something else--they almost always respond with a yes!

People seem to respond positively when you ask if they will help you with something--one of those pyschological things.

The more experience you get the easier it becomes so just go out and DO IT!

God Bless,
Chad C. :die:

Another one I like to do is ask if they would help me with something and show them a sponge ball. I then put it in my other hand and throw it at them, but it has, of course, disappeared. That usually brings a smile and then I just keep going with a sponge ball routine, which is one of my favorite tricks.
Message: Posted by: marko (Mar 1, 2003 06:57PM)
I don't do magic unless asked. In fact, I like to wait for them to BEG me to, and then I'll do something, but only one thing. If the person doesn't know I'm a magician, and therefore doesn't ask, then I don't bring it up. You'd be amazed at how more powerful your magic becomes (and your reputation) when you are patient and reserved, even when it's killing you to do a trick.
Message: Posted by: cegarcia (Mar 3, 2003 12:47PM)
If performing for strangers I usually strike a conversation about something else to check there mood. If they're relaxed and in a good mood I just ask them if they want to see something odd. When performing for friends or family I agree with Marko. Once they know your a magician they eventually end up begging for a piece of mystery. Show them one or two. Blow there mind and stop. Always leave them wanting more!
Message: Posted by: Rick (Mar 3, 2003 06:35PM)
Most of the time I am doing magic I know at least 1 person and then I turn around and everyone wants to see what I am doing..know what I am getting at.
Rick... :)
Message: Posted by: EddyRay (Mar 6, 2003 12:24PM)
Hello everyone,

Many of you are saying that you do magic. Perhaps a better word of choice is to say you perform magic. Remember it is a performance art.

This may sound silly but I believe it gives magicians like us a bit more respect. :bg:
Message: Posted by: Donnay (Mar 6, 2003 02:52PM)
If you are talking about walk around magic you just have to get comfortable going over to people and start with asking if you can show them something. You will be able to read people after a while and know if you should bother them or not. Start off with a plant. Have a friend standing and get them to go near a crowd then go over and ask him if you could show him something. Then your free to do as you feel as the only persons attention you have asked for is a friends.
Message: Posted by: Zauber280 (Mar 10, 2003 07:30AM)
I agree with Marko. Inundating people with your magic will only make them sick of it. Do a trick once in a while and let your reputation grow from there. I'll admit it is tempting to want to show people magic all the time but it is risky as well, as I feel you cheapen the experience.
Message: Posted by: Mago Mai (Apr 16, 2003 12:23PM)
Hi Brian,
I enjoy a lot doing magic in " my every day life".

Here is an example. Sometimes, when I get the check at a restaurant,I see that I need a 20 dollar bill to pay for what I eat. I get out my wallet and take a 10 dollar bill and give it to the waiter. They look at me surprised and no matter what they say I take back the dollar bill and appologize. I look in my wallet for a 20 and I can't find any. I look worried and suddently I have an idea. Lets do some magic.

I take the bill and transform it into a 20 dollar bill. It doesn't matter if the waiter knows that I am a magician or not. We all enjoy it. At least I enjoy it since I don't have to wash the dishes....

Mago Mai
Message: Posted by: redstreak (Apr 16, 2003 01:37PM)
This is where flourishes come in. Whenever I am not doing anything I pull out my deck and practice flourishes. I also do some color changes. I have gotten people going WOW! Did you see that? How did he do that? A little while ago a friend of mine told me that his roomate and come home and said that "there was this kid who looked like Harry Potter (me, I do a little) who was doing all of these neat things with cards and it looked so cool." To this day he still calls me Harry Potter "sigh"
Message: Posted by: Michaels (Apr 16, 2003 03:39PM)
I must agree with Marko and Joel. Not everyone has the same interest in magic.
No matter how good you are it is always better to have someone ask you to perform a few routines. Rick also brings out a good point. If you're dying to do a trick do it to someone you know and usually the curiosity of others will bring you the crowd.
Message: Posted by: pedey (Apr 24, 2003 07:24PM)
To answer your original question, I never bring up the fact I can perform magic. That said, I do not earn my living from it - I should imagine my answer would be somewhat different if I did.

I let word of mouth do it for me, then if they ask, they get because they have expressed an interest, otherwise I leave them be.