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Topic: Ball & Cigarette
Message: Posted by: delpfin (Feb 28, 2003 09:46AM)
I have an idea for a manipulation routine.
I think of it when I see a ball color change. How about a ball to cigarrete and vice-versa?

Pehaps some of you already do something similar?

Best Regards,


PS. Cardini manipulate cigarets and balls but not transfor ball to cigarete, and viceversa... or I don't see such routine...
Message: Posted by: Kendrix (Feb 28, 2003 10:53AM)
With the restrictions on where you can smoke cigarettes, I would avoid them just because of the hassle. John Calvert has a great act with cigarettes he calls "Symphony of Smoke". He now does it rarely and the cigs are not lit.
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Feb 28, 2003 12:51PM)

If you are located in Europe, go for it! Last time I was across the pond if you didn't have a cellphone in your ear you were smoking. (You being a populace observation!)

Cheers! :smoke:
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Feb 28, 2003 02:28PM)
You are right, Cardini never transformed a billiard ball into a cigarette or vice versa.

Will you be working with lit cigarettes, or unlit - you never mentioned in your post.

I second what has been said about lit cigarettes, try to avoid them. It is a shame turning down a gig because of fire regulations or restrictions.

Just my thoughts,
Message: Posted by: delpfin (Mar 1, 2003 07:24AM)
OK. I do, some places have fire restrictions etc. But for me, in magic I must be most natural. I'm smoker and if I make magic with cigarettes, it's natural.

Lit or unlit? I have idea to make some unlit cig manipulations. Next some transformations to white ball and vice versa.
Next cig multiproduction with lighter production at end.
After this I can making Chicago with production balls from cigarete smoke.

Next vanishing cigarete and balls. Last ball transform to Cigarete but.... this is rope ;)
At end of rope tricks I produce big Ring on the rope. Some penetration efects. Change rope to silk and under silk change ring to.... (OK I haven't great finale, but I think about some efects ;)


P.S. [b]Kendrix[/b] can you tell me where I can see Calvert act? Demo videos? Seminars on video?