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Topic: Wallets
Message: Posted by: adrianbent (Jan 19, 2008 08:32PM)
Hi folks,
I want to add a classic effect to my repetoire... I currently don't do anything that is an object to "impossible location". I want to add an impossible location type of effect to my repetoire, and I'd like it to be signed. For simplicity, I'm thinking the object is typically either a card, a bill or a coin. Ideas that I have seen are card or bill in lemon, or rolled into a cigarette. Spellbinding boxes come to mind for the coin. Those ideas are cool, but to narrow down my search even further, I'm thinking card to wallet. It's portable enough for strolling and casual magic. Problem is I'm new to the whole wallet game.... HOLY MOLY there are a lot to choose from! I see the names Mulica, Himber, etc. etc. but don't know what they're for or how they work. The fire wallet seems cool to me. If someone could help me trace the lineage (historical appearances) of these wallets, their strengths and weaknesses... basically a 101 on wallets, it would be appreciated.
Hope that's broad enough for you! Hey, maybe someone's already covered it in a thread. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: jocdoc (Jan 20, 2008 12:28AM)
Check out the following article and also click on the link at the head of the page (for references):


My card to wallet routine involves a mini-wallet and Steve Draun's Real Man's Wallet. I then "explain" how the transposition of cards occurs by using a WOW gimmick for a kicker ending.

Have fun!

jeff in san diego
Message: Posted by: jocdoc (Jan 20, 2008 12:36AM)
Oops, forgot this link in the Café:


jeff in san diego
Message: Posted by: NurseRob (Apr 16, 2008 09:59PM)
I have ordered the triple threat wallet, I am hoping to be able to use it. Any suggestions on routines for a nooblet?